Member Spotlight: Eagle Speak

February 24, 2017News

Eagle Speak was one of four companies featured in the first cohort of The eFactory’s Accelerator program. Since completing the program, the team has aggressively worked to expand the Eagle Speak platform and grow their user base. To refresh our memories, Eagle Speak is a desktop communication and collaboration platform unlike anything currently on the … Read More

Futures Made of Virtual Reality

February 15, 2017News

Charlie Rosenbury of SELF Interactive recently gave a presentation during The eFactory’s Lunch and Learn series over Virtual and Augmented Reality and its current and potential impact on business today. He has tasked himself with the mission of “spreading the VR/AR Gospel.” He started the presentation going over the current VR/AR options available to consumers … Read More

Member Spotlight: Beyond Creative

February 8, 2017News

Founded three and a half years ago by Adam Devizia and David Messner, Beyond Creative is making waves in the Springfield community. Their story starts like any other humble start up: working out of backpacks and laptops in and out of coffee shops. It wasn’t until a run in with a client of theirs that … Read More

Member Spotlight: Wide Open Networks

August 22, 2016News

BREAKING NEWS: The Internet is a big deal. Alright, this isn’t necessarily breaking news (unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the past 20 years à la Kimmy Schmidt), but it doesn’t make it less true. Matthew Thomas and Cameron Rose are making ripples in the Downtown Springfield community with their company, Wide Open … Read More

Community Spotlight: Amy Blansit

July 11, 2016News

One could make the case that Missouri State professor, Amy Blansit, has a lot on her plate. When she’s not teaching for the Kinesiology at MSU or leading programming at The Fairbanks, a community center in the Grant Beach neighborhood, she’s working on her newest business, Solely Jolíe. This past week, Amy visited the International … Read More

Member Spotlight: Interactive Dynamics

June 21, 2016News

Jody Chaffin saw a need in May 2011. He and his partner saw a hole in small and medium size businesses in Southwest Missouri and sought to fill it. Mobile is the future. All of the signs were pointing in that direction and they took advantage of it. The App Pros moved into The eFactory … Read More