Member Spotlight: Pull Up A Seat @ SXSW

March 24, 2017News

There is nothing like your mother’s cooking. Period. Restaurants like Olive Garden, Chili’s, or Applebee’s do not hold a candle to good old-fashioned home cooking.  Camille Baker of Pull Up A Seat knows this. Pull Up A Seat is an app that allows on demand home cooking for anyone by anyone. This idea came to be out of necessity. “I was hungry as hell,” Baker says. She noticed that she had a network of people who would whip up dishes and sell them whether it be to college students, church fairs, etc. Through Pull Up A Seat, Baker is connecting hungry people to amazing home cooks in the area.

Camille demoing Pull Up A Seat to SXSW attendees

Pull Up A Seat is continuing to grow through Baker’s tenacity. She’s worked feverishly to get the word out, from connecting with journalists in the Orlando area through Twitter and Instagram prior to launch to searching for the right accelerator program that fits her needs. Now that she’s at The eFactory, the work doesn’t stop. She had the idea of connecting with college-aged students and young professionals by attending the different festivals around the country. Many applications later, South by Southwest came calling. Pull Up A Seat has been invited to set up a booth and give a presentation during their Startup Spotlight. She was able drum up excitement and was told that by a SXSW representative that her booth was the most well-attended and engaged, outshining booths from GrubHub and the like.

Baker is hoping to ride this wave as she is putting the finishing touches to launch in the Springfield market. It is no secret with all of the restaurants here in town that Springfield loves to eat. She is hoping to tap into that market and connect people to phenomenal home cooking.  As we look ahead to the future, she’s continuing to work on building a successful team around her and find people who are just as passionate about Pull Up A Seat as she is.

Connect with Camille here.

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Week 7 – Top 5 Ways You Can Help Cohort #2 This Week

March 23, 2017News

Can’t believe that we’re at Week 7.

Week 6 flew by and here are a couple of things that Cohort #2 needs. You know the drill!

Sales Help

Solely Jolie is looking for a commission-only sales person but before that, they want to know HOW people go about hiring a commission based sales force. If you’ve been in this position before and want to help out, please do!

Email Sign-Ups

Apt Crowd wants you on their mailing list! Feel free to sign up to hear about all the progress that they are making.

Survey Says!

Let’s Do Lunch is super close to their survey goal. Help them out by taking this survey and pass it along to your peers!


Reaction Surveys is looking for more and more restaurants to join their movement. Their app allows you to fill out a survey for any participating restaurant and you’ll be gifted with a coupon. Oh and they are launching this Thursday. Check out Reaction Surveys on the App Store and Google Play Store!

Social Media Action

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Solely Jolie

Let’s Do Lunch


Apt Crowd

Member Spotlight: Eagle Speak

February 24, 2017News

Eagle Speak was one of four companies featured in the first cohort of The eFactory’s Accelerator program. Since completing the program, the team has aggressively worked to expand the Eagle Speak platform and grow their user base. To refresh our memories, Eagle Speak is a desktop communication and collaboration platform unlike anything currently on the market.  It allows the user to use a simple voice command to create an instant audio connection to talk verbally with clients, customers, or colleagues, as well as the ability to share files, take screenshots, and initiate live screen sharing sessions, all without ever leaving the application that the user is working in.

Eagle Speak began at Springfield’s Startup Weekend (Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs) where they developed and deployed the first prototype of their voice-activated communication software winning both First Place and the Audience Choice Award. What started out as an inventive proof-of-concept has evolved in to full-fledged communications & collaboration platform for businesses.

Eagle Speak has repeatedly been recognized for their innovation and outstanding work in technology. Last year they were nominated by AITP as one of the region’s Most Innovative Startups. They went on to win the grand prize at SPIN66’s Annual Innovation Summit taking home over $10,000 in prizes before being chosen for The eFactory’s inaugural accelerator cohort.

They have made waves in Springfield with their passion and involvement in growing the local tech & entrepreneurship communities actively contributing to groups such as the Mid-America Technology Alliance, Startup Weekend, SPIN66, The eFactory Accelerator, the Hack4Good Charity Hackathon, the AITP, and many others.

The new year is barely underway but Eagle Speak has already been nominated for three 2017 AITP Biz417 Excellence in Technology Awards including: Most Innovative Startup, Best Software Application, and Engineer of the Year Award.

Eagle Speak has just announced their largest single update to the Eagle Speak platform since the beta program began. The update, code-named “Raptor”, brings huge improvements to Eagle Speak’s voice recognition services, introduces new collaboration features, performance enhancements, as well as a completely new in-app user feedback system.

The company’s founders are currently in their next funding round and gearing up for a full-scale commercial rollout of Eagle Speak later this year.

To get exclusive early access to the Eagle Speak platform you can sign up for free here.

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Futures Made of Virtual Reality

February 15, 2017News

Charlie Rosenbury of SELF Interactive recently gave a presentation during The eFactory’s Lunch and Learn series over Virtual and Augmented Reality and its current and potential impact on business today. He has tasked himself with the mission of “spreading the VR/AR Gospel.” He started the presentation going over the current VR/AR options available to consumers today. You might be most familiar with Google’s Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR. In terms of adoptions, Samsung Gear leads the pack with 4.5 million adoptions, which can be attributed to its relatively low cost.IMG_2683

With any new technology, the cost to jump into the VR/AR game can be a little overbearing. Rosenbury states that later in the future, one can expect the cost to drop while maintaining steady improvements. One of the hurdles that VR/AR presents is that it is initially a hard sell. Basically, you have to experience it to understand what all of the hype is about but the experience is no good if the person that’s showing you isn’t well versed in the world of VR/AR.

Down the line, the impact that this has on business (and the world) is exponential. Areas such as health care can stand to gain a lot from this technology. Rosenbury predicts that VR can help doctors as they prep for surgery and help patients deal with phobia therapy, and much more. Right now, there are real estate companies that are leveraging the power of VR to sell apartments and condominiums without breaking ground on the properties.

There are big companies and venture capitalist groups out there like Facebook, VR Venture Capital Alliance, and VR Impact that are putting in billions of dollars to get their hands on this technology and expound upon it.

At this rate, we do not know what the future holds for Virtual and Augmented Reality, but it is safe to say that we are now believers after this presentation.

You can contact Charlie Rosenbury here.

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Member Spotlight: Beyond Creative

February 8, 2017News

Founded three and a half years ago by Adam Devizia and David Messner, Beyond Creative is making waves in the Springfield community. Their story starts like any other humble start up: working out of backpacks and laptops in and out of coffee shops. It wasn’t until a run in with a client of theirs that they discovered The eFactory.10_27_16-EFactory-019

“We were working with one of our clients at the time and we had a meeting at The eFactory. It was then that we noticed the amount of resources that they provide and realized that we can office out of The eFactory fairly cheap” Adam said.

Working out of The eFactory has allowed Beyond Creative to grow their business exponentially. They were able to upgrade their office space, create an inviting studio, and allow them to tackle bigger projects.

At the core of Beyond Creative are four distinctive competencies: strategic development, design/branding, web and video. Their work revolves around satisfying one (or all) of these competencies.

“Right now, we’re working with internationally based startups. It’s something that’s continually growing and we’re handling all the marketing and branding for them.”

You can check out their demo reel below.

Beyond Creative 2016 Demo Reel

You can contact Beyond Creative at (417) 631-7602 or sending a message here.

Member Spotlight: Wide Open Networks

August 22, 2016News

BREAKING NEWS: The Internet is a big deal. Alright, this isn’t necessarily breaking news (unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the past 20 years à la Kimmy Schmidt), but it doesn’t make it less true. Matthew Thomas and Cameron Rose are making ripples in the Downtown Springfield community with their company, Wide Open Networks.

Wide Open Networks’ goal is simple: Deliver the fastest, most cost effective Internet connection to residents and businesses in center city. They are doing this through use of a hybrid fiber and share a gig_1_lrgwireless technologies to achieve that goal. Their plan is to connect the entire Center City by end of 2017.  Presently, they have engineered a no contract service that is priced at $75/month for 100Mbps to residential customers and $150/month for businesses.  This makes W.O.N incredibly competitive with existing service providers. In 2014, Matt won the inaugural Go BIG Pitch competition which granted him a $5,000 cash prize and a lease at The eFactory. With this seed capital, Matt and Cameron teamed
up to begin building a new network.  And as that network grows and they achieve specific subscriber adoption rates, they will be expanding speeds to 200 Mbps and 500 Mbps, without increasing the price.

Wide Open Networks plans for growth in 2017 are very aggressive and they are working deals with wholesale service providers that will help them drive the cost of Internet services way down.  Until then, Matt and Cameron are working feverishly to expand their network and deliver a new connection to the Internet for everyone living and working in Center City Springfield.

Want to know more?

You can contact Wide Open Networks by clicking this link.

Community Spotlight: Amy Blansit

July 11, 2016News

One could make the case that Missouri State professor, Amy Blansit, has a lot on her plate. When she’s not teaching for the Kinesiology at MSU or leading programming at The Fairbanks, a community center in the Grant Beach neighborhood, she’s working on her newest business, Solely Jolíe.

This past week, Amy visited the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas in order to showcase her product to potential retailers to help take her business to the next level.

The double-sided Solely Jolíe palette is the versatile tool for every makeup user, inclamyuding the makeup artist. Use the palette to clear brushes of excess makeup or to mix and blend loose mineral makeup to create the perfect look. Instead of using your hand to clear brushes after each color, use the Solely Jolíe palette. Using the palette eliminates the spread of nasty germs from your hand, or worse, your bathroom counter top to your face. The palette will also keep your mineral makeup from making a mess all over your counter tops.

Whatever she’s working on, she continues to be an integral part in the Springfield community. The Community Foundation of the Ozarks announced that it awarded a five-year grant for up to $1.3 million to a partnership led by Missouri State University, the Drew Lewis Foundation, and Drury University. The aim of “The Northwest Project” is to help families over the five-year period to overcome the challenges of living in poverty and giving them the tools to achieve long-term success. Housed at The Fairbanks, Amy currently serves as the project manager. Her leadership in this project can help impact countless lives living in the northwest area of Springfield, Missouri where much of that area exceeds the city’s overall 25.6 poverty rate.

You can read more about Amy’s story here.

Member Spotlight: Interactive Dynamics

June 21, 2016News

Jody Chaffin saw a need in May 2011. He and his partner saw a hole in small and medium size businesses in Southwest Missouri and sought to fill it. Mobile is the future. All of the signs were pointing in that direction and they took advantage of it. The App Pros moved into The eFactory in 2013 as they developed mobile applications that help grow, maintain, and improve start up business operations. Their work did not go unnoticed.

In 2015, American Products, an entrepreneurial minded manufacturing company based in Strafford, Missouri, acquired The App Pros. This was their third acquisition in a five year span (2010-2015). Along with Dust Shield and Phoenix Kiosk, these acquisitions all fulfill a niche role.

Dust Shield creates PC enclosures that allow you to take a computer into a manufacturing space and protect them from dust and other pollutants that can damage the components inside. Phoenix Kiosk is one of the few kiosk manufacturers that provides everything under one roof, serving as a true end-to-end supplier of kiosk hardware, custom kiosk software, services, support and supplies. interactive dynamics

Out of all of that, Interactive Dynamics was born. Led by President Jody Chaffin, Interactive Dynamics is poised for continued success. After winning the 2016 W. Curtis Strube Small Business Award, Interactive Dynamics isn’t looking back. The company started with 15 employees in 2015 and currently employs 24. Chaffin says that they continue to operate with a simple philosophy: “Find people who are smarter than we are. Those are the people who can make our team better.” Beyond Creative, another member of The eFactory helped Interactive Dynamics with their rebranding.

Expect Interactive Dynamics to continue making noise in the small business world. Their unique structure of manufacturing all the way to software development continues to be the one-stop shop for clients across Southwest Missouri.

You can contact Interactive Dynamics through their website or at 417-895-9563.