Compatio Transforms Ecommerce Landscape with Smart Recommendation System

September 2, 2020Featured, Members, News

Compatio Transforms Ecommerce Landscape with Smart Recommendation System


Transforming Ecommerce

Have you ever bought one thing, but had difficulty figuring out which things go with it? Most of the things we use each day are actually a combination of products, accessories, and components that come together to create a solution. For many of us, finding these perfect combinations for our bicycling, fishing, or other equipment is daunting.

Compatio is focused on making complex products in any industry easier to buy online. Take fly fishing, for example. A fly fishing outfit is complex and there are thousands of products a customer could buy that may or may not work well together. If they were in a physical store, a customer may be able to find a salesperson with extensive knowledge and the ability to point them in the right direction.

Stores pride themselves on the experience they provide on the shop floor, but that same 1:1 customer service experience is incredibly difficult to bring to life online. Thousands more customers can visit an online store, it’s open every minute of the day, and competitors are always just a click away. Online stores selling complex products will have to think very differently to handle the coming ecommerce wave.

Compatio’s XRS, or Expert Recommendation System, solves this dilemma for merchants and customers alike. For customers there’s no more guessing about which item is right for their needs, and they’re less likely to need to make a return. Product returns cost retailers from 7-15% of their revenue each year. If that can be reduced by even a fraction, it directly improves their bottom line.

Helping Retailers Improve the Ecommerce Experience

The coronavirus pandemic has presented retailers with a myriad of challenges. Many brick and mortar shops pivoted to online sales, but discovered the expertise held by shop owners and sales floor associates doesn’t translate neatly to an online experience. Chatbots and customer service phone lines fail to scale and don’t serve customers efficiently.

In order to get the right product into customers’ hands, retailers need a smart recommendation system that helps shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. Compatio’s smart recommendation system does just that.

Today XRS is live and in use in the fly fishing industry, but the potential applications for Compatio’s technology are far reaching. The outdoor recreation industry alone presents a massive opportunity for an improved online experience and increased sales.

“Compatio is responding to what looks to us to be an impending perfect storm. First, ecommerce has exploded this year – retailers have done extremely well, especially those that focus on gear that helps people get out and away from the crowds. But that’s a double-edged sword because there is always a shakeout. That’s coming, even though it doesn’t look like it right now. At the same time, product expertise has not made the leap to digital. That friendly, knowledgeable person behind the counter does not exist on the typical ecommerce site”, said Tim Baynes, Compatio founder and CEO.

“Customers will demand more from their online experience, and those retailers who can nail that experience will ultimately prevail. And finally, ecommerce platforms currently aren’t designed to sell multi-product solutions: they sell individual products. So it’s really hard to find just the right gear, put it together into a personalized solution, and buy it. Compatio was built from the ground up to solve that problem.”

About Compatio

Compatio is a software platform that makes it easy for customers to find products that go together. Whether it’s finding the perfect crank set for your bicycle or a high-end lens for your specialty camera, Compatio turns compatibility from a research project into a click.

Compatio is an efactory accelerator portfolio company and private office client at the efactory. Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, founder Tim Baynes leads a team distributed across Missouri, California, Ireland, and India.

Meet a New Member: Leadership Springfield Joins the efactory

September 1, 2020Featured, Members, News

Meet a New Member: Leadership Springfield Joins the efactory

Welcoming New Members

There’s nothing better than watching people pursue their passions. Part of what we think makes the efactory so special is the mix of companies and individuals working under the same roof on things they believe in. And when there’s a new organization added to the mix? That’s even better!

Learn more about our newest member, Leadership Springfield, and their important work to propel our community forward.

About Leadership Springfield

Leadership Springfield is a community leadership organization that seeks to inspire, develop, and connect leaders to serve the Springfield community. The organization facilitates community leadership programs for area professionals of all ages as well as local students, unlocking potential and equipping participants to meet needs in our community.

Through a strengths-based approach, Leadership Springfield programs build professional leadership development skills and increase community engagement. Leadership Springfield programs include the Signature Class, Academy Class, and Access Class.

As a member of the national Association of Leadership Programs, Leadership Springfield uses a community leadership framework model that provides program participants with tools to frame ideas, mobilize resources, and build social capital. With an alumni network of more than 2,000 graduates, Leadership Springfield has produced more than three decades of alumni members who are making lasting impacts across the Springfield community.

Connecting Our Community

Here at the efactory we’re all about connecting people for the greater good, so we’re thrilled to have Leadership Springfield as the newest member of our coworking space. Their mission supports everything we believe in – that Springfield is a special place full of people positioned to make a difference. 

If you’re looking for space to work on something you believe in, drop us a line. We offer private offices for startups and flexible coworking memberships that include plenty of great perks.

carGO Partners with Missouri State University to Launch “MSU On the Go”

August 18, 2020Featured, Members, News

carGO Partners with Missouri State University to Launch “MSU On the Go”

The new app provides students, faculty, and staff access to on-campus restaurants, options for ordering ahead, getting delivery, and more.

MSU On the Go

Missouri State University has been hard at work preparing for a successful fall semester, and part of that important work includes forming new partnerships to provide new services and increased options to students, faculty, and staff.

One of these exciting new partnerships involves efactory client carGO. The on-demand ride and delivery service has announced a new program, MSU On the Go.

MSU on the GO is the only mobile app that gives Missouri State University students, faculty, and staff access to on-campus restaurants and options for ordering ahead, getting delivery and spending Dining Dollars on their purchases.

Student delivery runners will be stationed inside the Plaster Student Union and will bring on-campus restaurant orders directly to users anywhere on Missouri State University grounds.

These new options will allow students, faculty, and staff more flexibility than ever before in choosing when, where, and how to access dining options on campus. Missouri State University’s campus restaurants include Panda Express, Freddy’s, Subway and Einstein’s Bagels.

App users can also order from more than 80 off-campus restaurants and can request ride share services through the app. Ride share services and orders from off-campus restaurants cannot be paid for with MSU Dining Dollars. 

To celebrate the beginning of a new semester, app users will receive free delivery from on- and off-campus restaurants with every order placed using MSU On the Go through September 7, 2020.

About carGO

carGO is a Missouri-based transportation network company committed to providing comprehensive on-demand delivery and ride services to underserved, mid-tier cities throughout the U.S. carGO launched in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 2017, expanded in 2018 to serve Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and expanded again in 2019 to serve Springfield, Missouri.

Unlike similar services, carGO is homegrown, customer-driven, and operates a local network operations center and office in every market the company serves. carGO is an efactory member company.

Our Love Letter to Springfield, Missouri – How We Know Our Community is Primed to Embrace Innovation, Boldness, and an Exciting Future

August 6, 2020Featured, News

Our Love Letter to Springfield, Missouri

How We Know Our Community is Primed to Embrace Innovation, Boldness, and an Exciting Future

Thinking About Our Future

They say with every crisis comes opportunity. 

As our city, state and country wrestle with the coronavirus pandemic, economic slowdown and issues of systemic inequality, it is clear that a lot of things are broken. But they don’t have to stay that way. The “new normal” can look any way we want it to. 

Thinking about the future has always excited us. Our community has a rich history of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic vitality. We truly believe the very best days are ahead of us. And we know Springfield has more opportunity now than ever before.

Make no mistake – we have a lot of work ahead. But it’s important that the size and scope of these problems (and opportunities) doesn’t prevent us from starting. 

The goal is not to be perfect tomorrow. The goal is to be better every day

Resisting the Temptation of ‘Good Enough’

When it comes to building the next version of Springfield, we think it’s important to resist the temptation to leave things ‘good enough’ or ‘the way they’ve always been.’

With two large metros dominating most conversations about Missouri, our community has always had to work a little harder. And there’s something to be said for being a little bit scrappy. We’ve had to “get creative” to get things done. We’ve had to work together from day one. We’ve learned to do more with less and collaborate for the greater good

This scrappy, collaborative spirit will be what helps us transform now into the very best versions of ourselves.

Springfield, Missouri’s Chance to be the City of Choice for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Trailblazers

Everyone has seen the headlines about remote work, urban exodus and the opportunities presented to workers in a post-Coronavirus world. Newly remote workers from across the country will have the opportunity to live and work from anywhere. Experts have already suggested many of them “may end up in Springfield, Missouri.” 

We truly believe Springfield, Missouri is positioned to become the city of choice for entrepreneurs, innovators, trailblazers and generally cool and interesting people. Why couldn’t it be here? We’ve got all the right ingredients and plenty of exciting things on the horizon.

Momentum is Real, and Springfield Has It

Intentional relationships and quick pivots mean we can move quickly to make things happen. The Jordan Valley Innovation Center and CoxHealth’s commitment to partnership and innovation meant critical PPE for healthcare workers moved from prototype to production in less than 48 hours.

Public-private partnerships mean Springfield gets the best of both worlds in many cases. Springfield City Utilities and SpringNet, our municipal utility provider, are partnering with CenturyLink, an industry-leading private company, to bring high-speed gigabit internet to all of Springfield’s residents. The partnership is catching the attention of national groups, including the Brookings Institute who says the model could be the missing piece in America’s struggle for widespread high-speed internet access. 

Our region’s natural resources are beautiful and accessible. Our network of parks and trails continues to grow, and big plans are in the works to transform a portion of Grant Avenue into a pedestrian parkway that will connect downtown Springfield to the award-winning Wonders of Wildlife

Not long ago, IDEA Commons and a downtown innovation district was only a dream. Today it’s a reality and stands as an example of what is possible through successful public-private partnerships. The district continues to grow, with expansion of the efactory and MSU’s cooperative engineering program nearly complete. Expansion is also underway on the Jordan Valley Innovation Center, a hub for high-tech research and development. Daylighting Jordan Creek isn’t just an idea – it’s slated to become a reality. ForwardSGF and our community’s new strategic plan will create a blueprint focused on people, place and prosperity.

Community is Who We Are

There’s a line that seems apt for the situation we find ourselves, our communities, and our organizations in right now. It said: “Opportunities are rarely offered; they are seized.” 

We’re committed to seizing every opportunity. And we’re committed to helping the rest of our community do the same. As the world continues to change we will be here to help businesses respond. Give us a call if we can help your company innovate or imagine “what if.” After all, Springfield is where dreams really do come true.

Community is who we are. Forward is where we’re going.

Governor Parson Announces $1M Coworking and Incubator Grant Program

July 24, 2020Featured, News

Governor Parson Announces $1M Coworking and Incubator Grant Program

The program will assist centers in response to COVID-19.

Man working at desk

Supporting Missouri’s Innovation Centers

Governor Mike Parson has announced a new grant program focused on helping Missouri’s incubators and coworking facilities respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The program has made $1 million available for eligible Missouri-based non-profit corporations and university-sponsored coworking and incubator facilities.

“Supporting Missouri’s entrepreneurs and startup companies is key to our economy,” Governor Mike Parson said. “These individuals are not only developing innovative products but also businesses that will create new jobs and opportunities for the people of our state.”

Equipping Innovation Centers to Respond to COVID-19

The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) will administer the Coworking and Incubator Grant using CARES Act funding. The program will assist Missouri’s incubators and coworking spaces as they play an important role in our state’s economic recovery.

Research shows that startups and small businesses create nearly 80% of Missouri’s new jobs annually. It’s crucial that our state’s innovation centers can continue the important work of supporting these entrepreneurs and job creators. This grant program will help centers respond to the demands put in place by COVID-19 while still carrying out the important work of helping businesses start and grow right here in Missouri,” efactory Director Rachel Anderson said. “I would like to thank Governor Parson, Director Dixon and the Missouri Technology Corporation for this opportunity.”

Eligible organizations may be reimbursed with grant funds for expenses related to updating facilities. Examples of updates include: changes made to encourage physical distancing, adopting enhanced sanitation protocols, or acquiring personal protective equipment. Applicants are encouraged to engage Missouri-based vendors when possible.

“Missouri’s entrepreneurs play a critical role in the state’s economy,” Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said. “By supporting these coworking facilities, we are connecting entrepreneurs with resources that will help their companies and products be successful.”

MTC will accept applications for the program through August 17, 2020.

Missouri Department of Economic Development Announces Up To $30 Million In Grant Funds For Small Businesses

July 15, 2020Featured, News

Missouri Department of Economic Development Announces Up To $30 Million In Grant Funds For Small Businesses

The program aims to assist small businesses and family farms impacted by COVID-19.

Missouri’s New Small Business Grant Program

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced a new small business grant program that could provide up to $30 million to Missouri small businesses. The program provides relief to small businesses and family-owned farms for reimbursement of costs of business interruption caused by required closures due to COVID-19.

“This virus isn’t going away, and we have to protect both the lives and the livelihoods of Missouri workers, families and children,” Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said. “Thanks to today’s action by the Governor we are not only reinvesting in our economy, but building up the success and safety of our state over the long term.”

Small Business Grant Eligibility

Organizations eligible for this grant must have 50 or fewer employees, including the owner(s). Grant amounts are initially limited to $50,000, and organizations applying must incur or have incurred costs due to COVID-19 between March 1, 2020 and November 15, 2020. Applications will consider industry, timely use of funds, and availability of funds.

DED will begin accepting applications for this grant on July 15, 2020. Applications will close on August 31, 2020.

The department is focused on assisting the hardest hit industries including retail trade, accommodation, food service, and health care, in addition to family-owned farms. However, the grants are not limited to these industries.

Find more information about eligibility and how to apply online.

Download the Small Business Grant Program Guidelines.

Assisting Agriculture Businesses

This program also factors in $7.5 million for family-owned farms and family farm corporations. Those producing agricultural crops, livestock or livestock products, poultry or poultry products, dairy products, or horticulture products are eligible for this grant.

“We know that every segment of agriculture has felt the tremendous impact of COVID-19 and will for many years,” Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn said. “We have continuously worked with Governor Parson and my colleagues across state government — including DED and the General Assembly — to provide support for the unmet needs of Missouri’s family-owned farms and ranches.”

Get Help With Your Small Business Grant Application

Our team is here to support small business owners responding to the impacts of COVID-19. Business consultants with the Missouri Small Business Development Center at Missouri State University are available to offer no-cost, confidential services and assistance with these grant applications.

Book your meeting with a member of the SBDC consultant team today.

Hearo Technologies & The Arc of the Ozarks Launch Pilot Program

July 13, 2020Featured, Members, News

Hearo Technologies & The Arc of the Ozarks Launch Pilot Program

Hearo Technologies & The Arc of the Ozarks have launched a pilot program designed to use Hearo’s remote technology to increase the independence of individuals who receive intellectual and/or developmental disability services.

Using Technology to Increase Independence

Two organizations with ties to the efactory are coming together to find new and innovative ways of delivering care to Missourians.

Hearo Technologies and The Arc of the Ozarks have announced a new pilot program that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide support to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The program focuses on a remote support monitoring system that enables The Arc of the Ozarks to provide patient care while decreasing the physical presence of direct support staff in the home, therefore increasing patient independence.

Hearo’s technology is being piloted to provide patients with medication reminders and remote communication with staff, as well as safety sensors on doors and windows.

“Technology will have an incredible impact on our mission over the next several years. I firmly believe The Arc of the Ozarks will find innovative ways to further realize its mission by leveraging technology to enhance independence in the lives of the individuals we are so fortunate to serve,” said Tim Dygon, Executive Vice President at The Arc of the Ozarks.

While the program is not intended to replace the need for direct support staffing, the use of technology allows for increased efficiencies. Staff members may support multiple homes simultaneously while cost savings can be retained and reallocated to other areas or programs.

Missouri as a Model

Missouri was designated as a “Technology First State” by the Missouri Department of Mental Health in February of 2019. This designation encourages service providers and funders to evaluate technology first as an option when supporting individuals who need intellectual or developmental disability services (I/DD) instead of the traditional direct support staffing model.

These technologies are not a fit for all Missourians with assistance needs, but offer an exciting and effective means of increasing independence for individuals who qualify.

Pilot programs like this will allow The Arc of the Ozarks to increase independence for individuals, address workforce challenges, increase efficiency, and more.

About Hearo Technologies

Hearo Technologies is an efactory client company based in Springfield, Missouri. Founded in 2018, Hearo is an assistive technology company that helps individuals achieve a greater level of independence in any setting with powerful remote supports for organizations supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Hearo Technologies acquired Eagle Speak, an efactory accelerator portfolio company, in early 2019.

About The Arc of the Ozarks

The Arc of the Ozarks serves individuals with a variety of disabilities. Services include residential, education, dual diagnosis, medically fragile, day habilitation, therapeutic recreation, advocacy, autism services, employment and psychological counseling. The Arc of the Ozarks is a proud member of the efactory’s corporate partner program.

Buckhorn Inc. Joins efactory Corporate Partner Program

July 7, 2020Featured, News

Buckhorn Inc. Joins efactory Corporate Partner Program

We’re excited to announce Buckhorn Inc. as the newest member of the efactory’s corporate partner program.

About Buckhorn Inc.

Buckhorn, a Myers Industries, Inc. company (NYSE: MYE), is one of North America’s leading providers of high-quality, cost-effective reusable packaging and material handling systems. The manufacturer helps customers in the manufacturing, distribution and food industries improve supply chain performance and reduce material handling costs with their innovative hand-held containers, pallets and transport products.

Focused on customer-driven innovation, Buckhorn provides superior custom capabilities that fit customer’s precise applications. Their comprehensive market knowledge, attention to quality and dedication to customer-driven innovation adds value at every step of the process.

Buckhorn Inc. in Springfield, Missouri

Headquartered in Ohio, Buckhorn has had a presence in Springfield since 1994. The manufacturer employs more than 200 individuals locally and the Springfield site is considered the hub of where the company manufactures the majority of their products.

Buckhorn is defined by a commitment to teamwork, customer satisfaction, and a culture of innovation. For more information about Buckhorn products contact or 513-965-3211

efactory Partners

Our corporate partner program is designed for organizations committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development in southwest Missouri. Partners receive valuable annual benefits along with their support of the efactory.

Contact us today to learn more about what it means to be an efactory partner.

CellARide Announces Collaboration with National Safety Council

June 24, 2020Featured, Members, News

CellARide Announces Collaboration with National Safety Council

The CellARide team is excited to announce a new collaboration with the National Safety Council. The former efactory tenant will integrate their award winning My Car Recall concierge platform with the National Safety Council’s Check To Protect program.

MyCarRecall logo

CellARide Integrates MyCarRecall with National Program

The National Safety Council (NSC) and CellARide, a Springfield-based automotive tech firm, have announced a collaboration for a first-of-its-kind Vehicle Recall Concierge Platform as part of the Check to Protect safety initiative. The platform simplifies the recall repair process, enabling consumers to identify and stay up-to-date on vehicle safety recalls via text message through CellARide’s proprietary platform, MyCarRecall.

Vehicle owners can use the platform by texting RECALL to 99724 to receive English-language communications or REVISA to 99724 to receive Spanish-language communications. Users will be supported through the process by a concierge who can use a photo of the driver’s license plate to verify their recall status, find the closest dealership, and explain how to get their vehicle repaired.

“This technology will make it easier for vehicle owners to check their recall status and takes just a few moments to use,” said Kelly Nantel, vice president of communications and advocacy at National Safety Council. “Please check your vehicle in order to protect the loved ones who ride with you – and if you do have an open recall, make sure to schedule a free repair.”

Check to Protect

Check To Protect, a National Safety Council program, is a national campaign started in 2017 which encourages drivers to check the recall status of their vehicle and have open safety recalls fixed immediately. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nissan North America and Volvo Car USA are key program partners supporting this effort to increase consumer awareness of recall repairs.

“Vehicle safety recalls have sadly become par for the course these days,” said Josh Holstein, Founder/CEO of CellARide. “The issue is not only notifying the affected owners, but also providing support to help owners understand the process and complete the repair. That’s why we are proud to partner with the National Safety Council and the Check To Protect coalition to help solve this issue.”

About the National Safety Council

The National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

Founded in 1913 and chartered by Congress, NSC advances this mission by partnering with businesses, government agencies, elected officials and the public in areas where we can make the most impact. 

About CellARide

CellARide has been a pioneer in the automotive marketing tech space for almost a decade. Located in Springfield, Missouri, CellARide focuses on being the expert in automotive marketing technology, while partnering with local, regional and national agencies and manufacturers to help enhance vehicle sales and increase recall completion rates through mobile messaging.

CellARide was one of the first incubator clients at the efactory when our doors opened in 2013 and graduated into their own office space in 2018. The company has received strategic investments from the Missouri Technology Corporation and has also participated in St. Louis-based Capital Innovators accelerator program.

City of Springfield Allocates Over $400,000 of CARES Act Funding for Forgivable Business Loans

June 17, 2020Featured, News

City of Springfield Allocates Over $400,000 of CARES Act Funding for Forgivable Business Loans

Springfield City Council recently passed a bill allocating $916,138 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) COVID-19 funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The funds will be used to assist Springfield citizens with affordable housing assistance, services for the homeless and forgivable economic recovery business loans.

The breakdown of funds is:

  • $383,000 for affordable housing assistance, which includes rent assistance, resulting from $183,000 in CDBG COVID-19 funds and $200,000 in HOME Grant funds that the City already had;
  • $330,038 for services for the homeless, public services and homeless prevention;
  • $403,100 for forgivable economic recovery business loans.

Forgivable Business Loans

Businesses can apply for the forgivable business loans through the Economic Development Office by calling Cheri Hagler at 417-864-1053 or by downloading the application packet, completing it and emailing it to Hagler at

Applications can also be mailed or brought to: 840 N. Boonville, Springfield, MO 65803, Attention: Cheri Hagler. Applications can be dropped off between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Business owners should call the front desk at 417-864-1000 to make arrangements for drop-off since the Busch Municipal Building is currently closed to the public.

“We are excited to see the City of Springfield making a significant investment in our community’s small businesses and leveraging CARES Act funding to support entrepreneurs,” said Rachel Anderson, efactory Director. “We believe fiercely in supporting Springfield’s business owners and job creators and this program will help address shortfalls faced because of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Application Materials

City of Springfield Forgivable Loan Application

Background Check Form

Forgivable Loan FAQs

System for Award Management (SAM) Instructions

Loan Terms & Eligibility

Loans of up to $10,000 will be issued through the program. Businesses must retain a certain number of employees based on their pre-COVID-19 employment level in order to qualify. Applicants who submit complete applications can expect a two-week turnaround.

Businesses eligible for the loans must:

  • Have a physical location within the city limits of Springfield;
  • Be a for-profit business;
  • Have been in operation at least one year;
  • Have a valid Social Security number or Employer Identification Number;
  • Not be in bankruptcy;
  • Be able to provide current insurance information;
  • Be current with business property taxes and City fees;
  • Be current on terms of any existing City of Springfield loan;
  • Not have a conflict of interest with the City (i.e., employee of the City or member of City Council may not have a direct or indirect personal or financial interest in the business).

In addition, the business owner/program applicant must be a 51%-plus majority owner of the business.

The loans are based on one year of deferred payments at a 0% interest rate, up to $10,000. The loans will be fully forgiven if:

  • Business remains open for one year from loan approval;
  • Business retains and documents the required number of low/moderate income (earning 80% or less of annual median income). For a family of four, a person qualifies as low/moderate if their household income is $50,300 or less) full-time employee(s) or full-time equivalent employee(s);
  • If the business has no employees, the owner must be able to document that they are low/moderate owner.

If the business/owner fails to retain or document their jobs or remain open for one year, the loan must be repaid within 24 months of the initial one-year deferred period, at 2.5% interest, which begins accruing after the one-year deferred period.

Funds may be used for operating expenses for day-to-day operations including but not limited to payroll, rent/mortgage costs, utilities, inventory, food supplies and insurance.

“Local business owners have been so innovative trying to stay afloat during the shutdown period caused by COVID-19, but for many businesses, there is no way to replace the income that was lost during that time,” said Economic Development Director Sarah Kerner. “By offering these forgivable loans, we hope to shore up Springfield’s small businesses and maintain as many jobs as possible for years to come.”

Learn More

For more information, please contact Director of Planning & Development Mary Lilly Smith at 417-864-1094 or Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement Cora Scott at 417-380-3352 or

Read the full City of Springfield press release.

Local Entrepreneurs Create MyKee Key Finder

June 10, 2020Featured, Members, News

Local Entrepreneurs Create MyKee Key Finder

We really mean it when we say the efactory is a special place. It’s a place where dreamers, doers and innovators come every day to build their big ideas. And with so many smart, creative people in one building there’s bound to be exciting collaborations and partnerships.

Meet MyKee

The latest efam collaboration is MyKee, a GPS-based Bluetooth locator for anything you may frequently misplace. The locator can easily be attached to keys, luggage and other items.

After you’ve paired the MyKee with your phone the attached item’s location will automatically save if and when the MyKee token disconnects from your phone. That means the next time you’re unsure of an item’s whereabouts you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where it was when it was last connected to your phone.

You may have seen other Bluetooth trackers before, but it’s important to know they aren’t all created equal. The MyKee Bluetooth tracker has been put to the test against the best GPS systems on the market and has emerged as one of the most accurate key finders you can buy.

The awesome tracking isn’t the only differentiator.

Other finders ring once and stop. MyKee rings until you stop it.

Other finders ring at a lower volume. MyKee’s ringer is louder than most other finders.

Other finders only use audio to help you find your item. MyKee glows with a blue light to provide a visual aid rather than audio alone.

Bringing Entrepreneurs Together

Seth Kitchen
Marquett Burton
Scott Harned

MyKee was developed by Seth Kitchen and Marquett Burton, who met during Cohort 4 of the efactory accelerator program in the summer of 2019.

Kitchen is the founder of Collaboator, a platform designed to bring musicians together for virtual collaboration. Burton is the founder of Fletch, an ed-tech company that streamlines attendance tracking. Both Collaboarator and Fletch are efactory portfolio companies.

MyKee is live and available for purchase on as well as Amazon. When it came to getting the product added to and successfully launched on Amazon, MyKee worked with another another efactory member, Amazon expert Scott Harned with Buffalo Brands.

CenturyLink joins efactory Partner Program

May 8, 2020Featured, News

CenturyLink joins efactory Partner Program

We’re excited to announce CenturyLink as the most recent addition to the efactory partner program.


As one of the most interconnected companies in the world, CenturyLink provides secure and reliable fiber broadband and voice services to meet the growing demands of businesses and consumers over our robust and extensive global fiber network.

The company is excited to partner with City Utilities to bring CenturyLink fiber gigabit internet to every resident in Springfield.

“The internet connection is more important than ever. Powering homes, businesses, education, health care and entertainment, it is crucial to our lives right now,” said Chris Denzin, CenturyLink vice presidents of consumer sales. “CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit provides the capacity customers need, now and into the future, connecting people to video entertainment, smart home devices, gaming, telemedicine, security systems and more.  Springfield residents will have the fiber technology to efficiently support all these connections and be ready for what lies ahead. and CenturyLink is here to provide a fast, reliable connection.”

To learn more about CenturyLink in Springfield and to sign up for service availability notifications please visit .

KY3 shares how high-speed internet can support startup activity

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a technology leader delivering hybrid networking, cloud connectivity, and security solutions to customers around the world. Through its extensive global fiber network, CenturyLink provides secure and reliable services to meet the growing digital demands of businesses and consumers.

CenturyLink strives to be the trusted connection to the networked world and is focused on delivering technology that enhances the customer experience. Learn more about CenturyLink.

Let’s be Partners

Our partner program is designed for organizations that want to support entrepreneurship and innovation in southwest Missouri. Partners receive valuable annual benefits in exchange for their support of the efactory.

Interested in learning more about what it means to be a partner? Contact us today to learn more. There’s always room at our table.