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Optimizing Workplace Safety through Threat Assessment Processes

Every organization should have a response team, made up of the company’s safety and security stakeholders. This can include business leaders from HR, Safety, Security, Risk Management, Facilities, IT, and those that have responsibilities connected to the safety, security, and well-being of the employees, products and services, clients and customers, facilities, and reputation of the business. The possibility of workplace violence, committed by strangers, customers, current or former employees, or involving domestic violence that crosses over from home to work for an employee, requires a committed, immediate, and intelligent response. The best approach, and one that develops solutions to internal and external threats of violence, involves the creation and operation of a Threat Assessment Team (TAT). This group can successfully manage any threat to the organization, including anonymous threats, cyber threats, reputational threats, or potential acts of violence, by using a structured threat assessment process. Led by a local Springfield, Missouri expert, who is nationally known for his 30-year career in violence prevention, this program teaches this process.

Who should attend:
Human Resources, Operations, Security, and Safety Professionals, Risk Managers, Business Leaders, Business Owners, Department Heads, and Managers.

Topics will include:
• Best practices and lessons learned from past and recent national cases.
• Learning from US Secret Service and FBI research reports on mass attacks.
• Training staff in the Run-Hide-Fight approach to a violent attack.
• Our response to threat leakage – verbal, electronic, social media.
• The critical difference between Hunters versus Howlers in threat management.
• Staffing, training, and operating a Threat Assessment Team (TAT).
• Setting the TAT involvement criteria and responses.
• Publicizing the existence, goals, roles, and process of the TAT with employees.
• The need for security tip lines, Incident Response Forms, and notification systems.
• Training leaders, managers, supervisors in workplace violence response and using the TAT process; on-going employee awareness and training updates.
• Post-incident response, PTSD prevention, and continued facility safety management.
• Case studies and response practices.

About the Instructor:
In 1994, Dr. Steve Albrecht co-wrote Ticking Bombs, one of the first books on workplace violence. He has interviewed three workplace violence murderers in prison. He is internationally known for his books, articles, keynote speeches, and training programs on workplace, domestic violence, and school violence prevention. He worked for the San Diego Police Department for 15 years. He holds a doctorate in Business Administration, an MA in Security Management, a BS in Psychology, and a BA in English. He is board certified in HR, security management, coaching, and threat management. He has written 26 books on business, security, leadership, and criminal justice topics.

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May 14 2024


9:00 am - 4:00 pm



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405 N Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO 65806


Missouri SBDC at MSU
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