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Andrew Cafourek

Andrew is a technologist with deep experience in the digital product lifecycle and digital transformation across enterprise categories. He is currently the Head of Technology at Anthos Capital, a generalist growth-stage venture capital firm where he focuses on how data and digital tools can be used as strategic assets. Before joining the investment world, he was a founder and managing partner of Lat Long, a product development and consulting group focused on clients in science, travel and exploration. Previously, as Co-Founder/CTO of Alumni Spaces, he led the development of modern donation and content tools for university alumni groups around the world. Andrew has worked with clients such as Airstream, Better Homes & Gardens, Ford, Nokia, Land Rover, Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, the LGBT Center of New York and major universities like Mizzou, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Florida State. Andrew has a BA in Political Science from the University of Missouri and a Master of Global Management degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University where his study focused on Space Policy, Leadership and Business. He is a native of the Midwest (MN, IA, MO) but has lived in the New York area for the past 15 years, currently living with his wife and son near between the ocean beaches and bay shores of Long Island.

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