Access Card
All members of the factory (private offices and $200 coworking memberships ) will get an MSU access card. We will request your access card once your new member form is submitted. We will let you know when your access card is ready for pick up. You will pick it up in Plaster Student Union 1st floor room 128 (next to the bowling alley and game room) M-­F 8a-5p. You will need to bring a photo ID with you.

Booking Rooms & Check In Kiosk
Conference rooms are booked through Teem – via web browser, app or iPad displays outside of the conference rooms. (Email us if you need to be added.) BKD and CoxHealth Innovation Rooms can be reserved through us. You don’t need to make a reservation for the phone rooms or the conference table in Coworking – they’re open if they aren’t occupied!

Your visitors can use the check in kiosk by the front doors to let you know they’ve arrived so you can meet them at the front. They will select your name and enter their information which will send you an email/text/Slack message notifying you that they are here. (This is tied to Teem, so you’ll need an account for your name to show up at the kiosk.)

Building Hours
The doors are unlocked 8-5 pm Monday-Friday except for MSU Holidays. Private office $200 coworking members have 24/7 access with their access cards.

Your trash will be emptied daily. We have a broom/dustpan and a vacuum available that you can borrow from our business suite front desk. You are responsible for any other cleaning supplies.

If you need a clicker for a presentation, you can borrow one from our business suite front desk.

We provide coffee (The Coffee Ethic!) free of charge for all members of the efactory. Coffee is located in airpots in The Perch. Our efactory team does our best to keep the airpots full, but should you need coffee and there isn’t any out, you are more than welcome to make it. The coffee maker and grinder are in the kitchen in the business suite office. We are happy to show you how to make it. Please don’t make a full air pot of coffee after 4 pm – it tends to end up just sitting overnight and being thrown out.

Conference Room Technology
Our conference rooms  and phone rooms have a polycom/conference phone, TV/HDMI cable and a whiteboard. Some conference rooms have a computer that come with basic Microsoft office software and Skype. For video conferencing, you can use skype or your preferred video conferencing system that is available via a web browser. If the computer asks for a password, please restart it and it should log in automatically. If you need a username and password, you can use username: eFactory-guest password: Password,12. Please shut down the computer after use. You can borrow a clicker and web camera from the business suite front desk. For polycom conference phones: Dial 9, 1 + phone number. User Guide

Drone Policy
Please complete this form for approval to fly a drone from the efactory/on MSU campus prior to the flight. Submit the form to for approval.

Emergency Response Plan
In case of emergency:  Call 911 or 417-836-5509
The MSU Emergency Response Plan can be found here. Designated shelter areas are internal hallways, bathrooms, coworking and the GO CAPS/Accelerator space (Office 1025). For fire, exit building via north, east or west doors and proceed to lot 47 or 48, depending on exit.

There is a fax machine inside the business suite workroom. Dial 9 to get out. If you need to receive a fax, our number is 417-837-2614.

In addition to wifi, each company is also provided VLAN ports in your office and you have a secure connection when plugged in. If you company has a need for private, secured wireless network access or a static IP address, please contact us and explain why.

There is a kitchen and vending area off of the atrium. You can use the sink and microwave. Please make sure to keep this area clean. Any items left at the end of the day will be thrown away. There is a refrigerator in the business suite kitchen and another in Coworking. Please mark your item with your name or put it in a bag. All unlabeled items in the refrigerators are available to anyone.

MSU Foster Recreation Center
As a member of the efactory, you’re eligible for the Affiliate Membership ($26/month or $280/year).Please let us know if you’re interested in the Affiliate Membership and we will fill out the necessary forms.

Note – If you leave the efactory, you lose eligibility.

New Employees
Have your new employee complete our New Member Form and we’ll get them setup with an access card, access to Teem, Slack, etc.

Office Supplies
Office supplies are your responsibility. The supplies in the workroom belong to SBTDC and MDI.

Private office clients and $200 coworking members can get a parking pass from us after completing a Parking Form (turn into Paige). Free guest parking is available in the front parking lot and along the street.
Note – If you have a parking pass and park in the front guest lot you will be ticketed.

Phones are provided in the efactory’s private offices. Phone numbers are printed on the handset. Submit a support ticket if you need additional phones. Phone lines cannot be transferred when you leave the facility. Avaya 9611G User Guide

We have an awesome slack channel for the efactory. Contact us to be added.

Network: eFactory
Password: CONCR3T3_PALAC3

Network: eFactory-Accelerator
Password: CONCR3T3_PALAC3

Network: eFactory-Coworking
Password: CONCR3T3_PALAC3