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JVIC, The eFactory build relationship with new SRC venture, Ceramex

Entrepreneurship, innovation draw remanufacturing company to IDEA Commons

Business experts are known to say that you have to break down silos to gain innovation. But in Springfield, one can look to the silos to find the most high-tech research – the Jordan Valley Innovation Center – a former MFA milling facility with towering grain silos recognizable for miles. Ceramex North America LLC (a new company formed from SRC Holdings Corporation and Hexadex Limited) recently engaged with JVIC to explore research and development of new procedures for their remanufactured vehicle emission systems.

At JVIC, the focus of research projects generally falls under the heading of environmentally-friendly projects with an applied research emphasis on biomaterials, nanotechnology, carbon-based electronics, biomedical instrument development and energy. The research collaboration with Ceramex will seek to develop improved procedures that will support the need for clean environmental initiatives.

“We look forward to the opportunity to assist Ceramex. The capabilities within the Center for Applied Science and Engineering fit well with testing and developing additional technology processes that will assist in remanufacturing emission systems,” said Allen Kunkel, associate vice president for economic development and director of JVIC.

Ceramex North America (CNA) will be housed within The eFactory at Missouri State University in part due to the opportunity to work with scientistsacross the street at JVIC. They are the 13th tenant in the business incubator.

CNA came about as an idea to remanufacture diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and catalytic converters for vehicles. Remanufacturing the used emission systems will physically take place in Monett, Missouri.

About SRC Holdings Corporation
Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC) has been at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry since the early 1980s when founder and CEO, Jack Stack spearheaded an employee buyout of International Harvester’s remanufacturing facilities. In addition to being a leading remanufacturer to OEMs, SRC is known internationally as the “birthplace of open-book management.” The company gained notoriety when Stack authored the bestselling business book, The Great Game of Business, which discussed how SRC used the concepts of transparency to educate, engage and empower employees to understand and make business decisions. Today, SRC is a thriving company of over 1,600 engaged employees in more than 17 business units across a variety of industries.

About Hexadex Limited
Hexadex Limited – is a privately owned Group holding company based in Lincolnshire, England. Its role is to nurture the growth of each subsidiary, and acquire new businesses which are either complementary to its existing activities, or where it can use its core expertise to add value.

About the Jordan Valley Innovation Center
JVIC is made up of five separate buildings, and covers around 75,000 square feet. The capabilities of the center include applied research in nanotechnology, bio-materials, advanced technologies, genomics/proteomics, bio-systems, software engineering and medical material device and instrument technologies.

About Missouri State University
Missouri State University is a public, comprehensive metropolitan system with a statewide mission in public affairs, whose purpose is to develop educated persons. The university’s identity is distinguished by its public affairs mission, which entails a campus-wide commitment to foster expertise and responsibility in ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement.