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Member Spotlight: Interactive Dynamics

Jody Chaffin saw a need in May 2011. He and his partner saw a hole in small and medium size businesses in Southwest Missouri and sought to fill it. Mobile is the future. All of the signs were pointing in that direction and they took advantage of it. The App Pros moved into The eFactory in 2013 as they developed mobile applications that help grow, maintain, and improve start up business operations. Their work did not go unnoticed.

In 2015, American Products, an entrepreneurial minded manufacturing company based in Strafford, Missouri, acquired The App Pros. This was their third acquisition in a five year span (2010-2015). Along with Dust Shield and Phoenix Kiosk, these acquisitions all fulfill a niche role.

Dust Shield creates PC enclosures that allow you to take a computer into a manufacturing space and protect them from dust and other pollutants that can damage the components inside. Phoenix Kiosk is one of the few kiosk manufacturers that provides everything under one roof, serving as a true end-to-end supplier of kiosk hardware, custom kiosk software, services, support and supplies. interactive dynamics

Out of all of that, Interactive Dynamics was born. Led by President Jody Chaffin, Interactive Dynamics is poised for continued success. After winning the 2016 W. Curtis Strube Small Business Award, Interactive Dynamics isn’t looking back. The company started with 15 employees in 2015 and currently employs 24. Chaffin says that they continue to operate with a simple philosophy: “Find people who are smarter than we are. Those are the people who can make our team better.” Beyond Creative, another member of The eFactory helped Interactive Dynamics with their rebranding.

Expect Interactive Dynamics to continue making noise in the small business world. Their unique structure of manufacturing all the way to software development continues to be the one-stop shop for clients across Southwest Missouri.

You can contact Interactive Dynamics through their website or at 417-895-9563.