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Community Spotlight: Amy Blansit

One could make the case that Missouri State professor, Amy Blansit, has a lot on her plate. When she’s not teaching for the Kinesiology at MSU or leading programming at The Fairbanks, a community center in the Grant Beach neighborhood, she’s working on her newest business, Solely Jolíe.

This past week, Amy visited the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas in order to showcase her product to potential retailers to help take her business to the next level.

The double-sided Solely Jolíe palette is the versatile tool for every makeup user, inclamyuding the makeup artist. Use the palette to clear brushes of excess makeup or to mix and blend loose mineral makeup to create the perfect look. Instead of using your hand to clear brushes after each color, use the Solely Jolíe palette. Using the palette eliminates the spread of nasty germs from your hand, or worse, your bathroom counter top to your face. The palette will also keep your mineral makeup from making a mess all over your counter tops.

Whatever she’s working on, she continues to be an integral part in the Springfield community. The Community Foundation of the Ozarks announced that it awarded a five-year grant for up to $1.3 million to a partnership led by Missouri State University, the Drew Lewis Foundation, and Drury University. The aim of “The Northwest Project” is to help families over the five-year period to overcome the challenges of living in poverty and giving them the tools to achieve long-term success. Housed at The Fairbanks, Amy currently serves as the project manager. Her leadership in this project can help impact countless lives living in the northwest area of Springfield, Missouri where much of that area exceeds the city’s overall 25.6 poverty rate.

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