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Cubicles 🚮 // Coworking 🔥🔥

Cubicles suck. Enter: Coworking.

I think the fact that Buzzfeed put out an article of 54 ways to make your cubicle suck less is pretty telling. I’ve worked in plenty of cubicles in my short career and I’ve already had enough. When I moved into the coworking space at The eFactory, I felt like (spoiler alert) Andy at the end of Shawshank Redemption.

*Sidenote: I hesitated putting spoiler alert because if you haven’t seen Shawshank Redemption by now, you must hate movies.*

So why do I enjoy coworking? Here’s a couple of reasons why working in a coworking space is infinitely better than a cube farm.

Networking in a Comfortable Environment

We’ve all gone to networking events. I hate the feeling of forced conversation over bagels and coffee, people politely listening to your hot takes (pun intended, it’s mfing hot in Springfield) on the weather while scanning the room for someone more important to talk to; it’s a mess.

Working in a coworking space is super chill and allows you to meet people at your own pace. People in this environment are looking to collaborate and get to know one another. One of the best things about The eFactory’s coworking space is that you’re exposed to the many events that The eFactory puts on every month.

Coworking Kills Isolation

Oh, you freelance? It gets pretty lonely in coffee shops doesn’t it? Kinda loud too, huh?

Come join us. There’s something about working among a group of people that’s eerily calming even if you don’t know each other. I’ve found myself to be more productive working at my coworking desk than I do at home. I don’t have the urge to turn on Netflix, eat mindlessly, or pass out on my couch. This environment is perfect for fostering creativity and productivity.

It’s Like Having a Giant Office Building Without the Expense

If you’re just starting out your company but don’t want to shell out a crapton of money to rent out an office space, furniture, internet, coffee machines, lights, chairs, desks, etc. you should probably consider a space like ours.

Do It For the Culture

*shouts out to Migos*

Rather than subjecting my eyes to the painful views of cube farms, I see a field of sleek desks, standing desks, a pool table, a ping-pong table, beautiful art, and more. People here enjoy coming to work and you are plugged into an awesome community.

We do “Free Fridays” where you can come in and work at one of our desks on a Friday and see what the hype is all about.

Are you convinced yet?

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