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Download This: Let’s Do Lunch Looks to Reach 1,000 Users

Hector Cruz knows a thing or two about the power of relationships. As Evangel University’s Director of Alumni Engagement, Cruz is tasked with building and maintaining bonds between the university and its former students in order to cultivate donors, volunteers, and ambassadors for the institution.

It’s safe to say Hector is a real people person. But he was disappointed in the tools on the market meant to help him manage his relationships. Frustrated, he set out to build his own.

Let’s (Actually) Do Lunch

Cruz’s concept for a digital tool that helps you build and maintain relationships was transformed from an idea to a fully functioning product in twelve shorts weeks as part of The eFactory’s accelerator program.

The result? Let’s Do Lunch. It’s a mobile app that functions as a personal assistant – dedicated to helping you strengthen the relationships that are important to you. Let’s Do Lunch makes it easy to quickly schedule lunches with your contacts, send calendar invites, choose restaurants, and more.

Hitting 1,000 Users

Since debuting at Demo Day on May 1, Let’s Do Lunch has been downloaded by hundreds of users in the United States. Cruz’s next goal? To reach 1,000 downloads between now and February 1.

“Hitting this growth target will open up partnership opportunities that will really help us take the app experience to the next level for the user,” Cruz says.

Let’s Do Lunch syncs seamlessly with other features on your phone.  When you set a lunch inside the app you can get automatic calendar events to your email client, reminders to follow up via push notifications, and more.

And if you travel out of town for work, the app has your back. Let’s Do Lunch integrates with Yelp!, recommending all the best local places to meet contacts for a bite.

Let’s Do Lunch is available for download on The App Store and from Google Play. Download today, and really make it happen next time you tell someone “Let’s do lunch.”