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We’re at 💯 Percent Occupancy!

If you’re wondering why that parking lot looks so full, it’s because The eFactory’s business incubator program has officially reached 100 percent occupancy. That means each and every available office in the building is leased and occupied by members working on all things tech in southwest Missouri.

The eFactory has been blowing past benchmarks since Day One. Initial forecasts for the program estimated that the incubator would reach 70 percent occupancy within the first five years.

Here we are, still less than five years old and well above those projections. In an industry where 80 percent occupied is often considered ‘full’, we feel better than ever about the resources we provide to members and the benefits of being part of The eFactory community.

And while being completely full is great, we know (and love!) that our members will ultimately outgrow us, freeing up space for new teams to move in. If you’re interested in being the first to know when we have room for new members drop us a line and we’ll get you added to our waiting list.

In the meantime, don’t forget about coworking memberships, Free Fridays, and our upcoming events. There’s no shortage of opportunities to get plugged in!

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