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Bright Ideas: Tech Faire Debuts November 3

A movement is spreading. Six minutes. Twenty slides. Innovative takeaways that can be implemented in real-time.

It’s called Tech Faire. And until now it has only existed inside the walls of Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc (AECI). At AECI employees gather once a month to hear presentations from their peers. The presentations inform, encourage, and challenge the audience to think about problems from a new angle. The meeting format gives every employee a voice, a platform, and assistance sharing their message – regardless of position or title.

Tech Faire’s success inside AECI has driven the organizers to think bigger. And for the first time on November 3, Tech Faire is stepping outside of AECI and into the heart of downtown Springfield. This special community-based event will feature CEOs, founders, innovation officers, and more – all sharing cutting edge innovations. Attendees can expect to be inspired and leave with several practical innovations to their homes and businesses, just as AECI employees do at their monthly in-house Tech Faire.


Tech Faire organizers have arranged an exciting lineup of local leaders. Learn more about each of them below.

Rachel Anderson, Entrepreneurial Specialist at The eFactory; Co-Founder of Alumni Spaces; Founder of Rosie, a network for women in Springfield. With experience founding startups, innovating inside the enterprise, and connecting and supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs, Rachel is a leading voice for innovation in Springfield.

Brett Baker, Owner of TrustPoint. Brett’s mission is to grow and coach professionals to become better versions of themselves.Brett teaches the Sandler process to company owners and leaders to help them build the culture of communication and trust that is required for fostering innovation and improvement.

Steve Baker, Vice President at the Great Game of Business. Steve is a top-rated and sought-after speaker, author, and coach on topics of Open-Book Management, Strategy & Execution, Leadership, and Employee Engagement. Steve co-wrote the update of the best-selling book, The Great Game of Business 20th Anniversary Edition.

Shaun Hall, Development Team Supervisor of Engineering & Operations Technology at AECI. As a blogger, business professional and entrepreneur Shaun has a strong reputation as a servant-leader and a trusted partner, with a focus on leading millennials. Shaun is a sought-after speaker on how to engage and inspire the next generation of employees.

Scott Rogers, System Director, Performance and Innovation at Cox Health. Recognized by 417 Biz as a Top Innovator in Springfield, Scott led creation of the CoxHealth Innovation Accelerator, a program that accepted hundreds of ideas from employees, and funded three ground-breaking initiatives inside the enterprise.

Buddy Hasten, Managing Director of Plant Operations and Reliability at AECI. Buddy draws from a life of adventure and tackles challenges inside organizations through leadership and innovation. Buddy’s adventures have taken him across the world and even under the North Pole.


Tech Faire is free and open to the public with registration.

Event Details

Tech Faire is happening November 3, 2017 at Missouri Spirits. The event will begin at 6:15, so please plan to arrive by 6:00 pm. Each speaker will share a take-home innovation through a six-minute presentation, followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and interact. The event will last approximately two hours. Food and drinks will be available.


Presenters have six minutes and 20 slides to share their idea or innovation. Audience Q&A will follow presentations.