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WON Communications heads underground

Goodbyes Suck

How did Lil Wayne say it? Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave? That’s how we’re feeling lately.

Goodbyes are just part of the deal when it comes to incubators. As much as we love our clients, our end goal is to see them grow out of our space and into the community.

Our latest “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!” goes out to longtime efactory client WON Communications.


It all started with the 2014 Go BIG Pitch Competition.

Matthew Thomas pitched Share a Gig, a process he had developed to bring faster online service in a limited way to a small, dense urban areas. Thomas already owned and operated ULink, a fixed wireless internet and business phone provider that served Springfield and Sparta.

Thomas won the pitch contest and scored some pretty sweet prizes, including six months of free office space at the efactory.

He’s been in the building ever since, building out fixed wireless technologies with co-founder Cameron Rose. Today they’re known as WON Communications.

In recent years the group has grown to serve both residential and commercial clients in Springfield, Sparta, Bolivar, and Fairplay.

Heading Underground

The WON team is now headed to a new office at Springfield Underground. They’ll join companies like Kraft and Bluebird Underground in the 2.5 million square feet facility that’s located (you guessed it) 100 feet below ground.

In Good Company

WON Communications is only one of several recent efactory graduations. CellARide has settled into a new office on the south end of town and Solely Jolie is kicking it on the north side.

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