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Ceramex graduates from efactory, moves into SRC building

We know the drill

Goodbyes are a fact of life at the efactory. As much as we like our clients, we like it even more when we get to see them grow into their own space.

We’re excited to send our best wishes (and moving boxes) to Ceramex North America as they leave their home at the efactory and get settled into their new office on the east side of town.

About Ceramex

Ceramex North America is a joint venture between SRC Holdings Corporation of Springfield, Missouri and Hexadex Limited, a UK-based company. The company is a leading international supplier of diesel particulate filters (DPF) cleaning services and technology, and their customers include some of the world’s leading automotive and machinery companies.  Their unique cleaning technology has been used on more than 150,000 DPFs throughout the world.

The Ceramex team moved into the efactory in 2014 and was the incubator’s 13th tenant. The efactory has been home base for all day-to-day operations while the physical remanufacturing has taken place in Monett, Missouri.

This exciting move will allow for all operations to be consolidated under one roof at the SRC facility on East Sunshine in Springfield.

About SRC Holdings Corporation

Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC) has been at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry since the early 1980s when founder and CEO, Jack Stack spearheaded an employee buyout of International Harvester’s remanufacturing facilities.

In addition to being a leading remanufacturer to OEMs, SRC is known internationally as the “birthplace of open-book management.” The company gained notoriety when Stack authored the bestselling business book, The Great Game of Business, which discussed how SRC used the concepts of transparency to educate, engage and empower employees to understand and make business decisions.

About Hexadex Limited

Hexadex Limited is a privately owned Group holding company based in Lincolnshire, England. Its role is to nurture the growth of each subsidiary, and acquire new businesses which are either complementary to its existing activities, or where it can use its core expertise to add value.