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Managed Financial Networks outgrows efactory

Goodbye and good luck

Lots of people think goodbyes are downers. But here at the efactory goodbyes mean a client is growing up and out – and big things are headed their way! 

Our most recent goodbye goes out to Managed Financial Networks. They’ve packed up their office and are ready to start kicking it on the east side of town. 

Managed Financial Networks

In the financial services world keeping up with technology and infrastructure changes can be costly and complicated. That’s where Managed Financial Networks comes in.

Managed Financial Networks (MFN) is a technology credit union service organization (CUSO) that was built to address credit unions’ technology and infrastructure needs in an affordable way.

Credit unions receive the customized solutions that they would expect from an internal IT  department, but at a fraction of the cost that would typically come with buying enterprise solutions or building development teams.

MFN’s model allows credit unions to engage in cost sharing to displace the high cost of crucial purchases and maintenance of technology infrastructure. Every service that MFN offers is centered around finding or building the best solution possible and sharing the costs with every participating credit union to provide a premium service at a lower price.

Up and out

MFN has been hard at work at the efactory since January of 2016. You may remember them as Midwest Financial Networks since they recently underwent a name change.

The group is now proudly operating from a building on the east side of town. We hear it has windows. 

Looking for space?

You guessed it. With the exit of one client comes the excitement of another. If you’re looking for space to grow your big idea drop us a line today.