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NAI Enterprise joins efactory partner program

New friends

We’re all about making new friends around here. Growing our partner family allows us to better serve our clients and ultimately, the whole community.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce the latest addition to our partner program – NAI Enterprise

NAI Enterprise

NAI Enterprise is a market-leading commercial real estate firm based in Springfield, Missouri. The local office is part of the NAI Global network, with more than 400 offices and 7,000 market experts.

The story often goes something like this when folks are looking for commercial space:

You’re driving around, see a building or piece of land with a sign on it, you like the looks of things and call the number on the sign. At that point you’re working directly with the seller’s agent, and their best interests likely don’t align with yours. That’s where NAI comes into play. 

The NAI team brings an unbiased approach. They help business owners determine their needs and define what they want in a space. They can help with every step of the process, from negotiating lease terms to determining infill and construction costs. 

NAI let’s business owners focus on one thing: being business owners. They’ll take care of the rest. 

Let’s be partners

The efactory’s partner program is designed for organizations interested in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation throughout southwest Missouri. Partners receive exciting annual benefits in addition to the warm fuzzies that come with supporting the efactory.

Interested in learning more about what it means to be a partner? Contact us today to learn more! There’s always room at our table.