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SRC joins efactory partner program

A new partner

Our partner program has grown again! We’re thrilled to welcome SRC Holdings Corp. to the efactory partner family.

A local legacy

When it comes to entrepreneurial success stories there’s no better tale than that of SRC. Most locals know the story – a company on the brink of bankrupty transformed by Jack Stack.

The worries of lost jobs and plant closures are a far cry from the SRC reality of today, where the organization has:

1,800 employees across all divisions

2.2 million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space

60+ individual business unit spin offs

The business world has taken note. The SRC story has been featured in more than 100 books focused on business and leadership. They’ve been named one of the Top 25 Best Small Companies by Forbes Magazine and ranked #1 in Most Innovative Business Practices by Inc. Magazine.

Additionally, the organization is known worldwide for their open-book management style, The Great Game of Business, which espouses transparency, integrity, and business and financial literacy.  

A former client

While the addition to the partner program is new, our relationship with SRC is not. We’ve even had them in the building as a client!

SRC joint-venture Ceramex operated out of the efactory from 2014 until the fall of 2018.

Let’s be partners

The efactory’s partner program is designed for organizations interested in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation throughout southwest Missouri. Partners receive exciting annual benefits in addition to the warm fuzzies that come with supporting the efactory.

Interested in learning more about what it means to be a partner? Contact us today to learn more! There’s always room at our table.