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efactory receives $350,000 grant award to expand services

Zero to one hundred

It’s no secret that the efactory has seen some pretty impressive growth in our first six years.

Whether you’re talking number of clients, number of programs, occupancy rates, or anything else – the numbers just keep going up. And growth is great! But an operation can only stretch so far with limited resources.

That’s why we’re excited to share that the efactory recently received a $350,000 Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity (MOBEC) grant through the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC).

These funds will allow us to scale, grow, and serve more clients than ever before.

Serving more, better

So what’s coming next? The items outlined in our grant proposal are based directly on the needs we’re hearing from clients and the community at large.

We don’t want to give away all our exciting plans, but we can give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

  • The addition of full-time staff to develop and coordinate additional entrepreneurial programs
  • Expanded corporate innovation programs
  • Refined mentorship and business consulting programs

“Since day one, the efactory has continued to execute on its mission of serving entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the Springfield area, and MTC is proud to support facilities like this one that provide the tools necessary for them to succeed.”

Bill Vega
Interim Executive Director,
Missouri Technology Corporation

Local impact

We don’t believe in making small plans. The local economic impact of this MTC investment and ongoing efactory programs is projected to be big.

$40 million in new investment
Projected five-year economic impact of efactory programs

A collaborative effort

An incubator, coworking space, and accelerator program paired with business consulting, ongoing trainings, corporate innovation events, and more – all in a university setting.

It should be no surprise that we’re used to getting creative to solve problems and meet needs.

It couldn’t be more true than with this grant application, where we partnered with the Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) to secure the necessary matching funds.

Previous awards

We’re proud to have had the support of groups like MTC since day one. Previous MOBEC grants have allowed the efactory to rapidly grow and expand services.

A 2014 grant award for $140,000 helped with critical funding in the efactory’s first years. A 2016 award for $300,000 paved the way for much of what you see happening at the efactory today, including our accelerator program.

“MTC has been critical to the success and growth of the efactory and the Springfield startup community. Their support has allowed us to scale quicker than would have otherwise been possible, allowing us to serve more clients in southwest Missouri. We’ve been very fortunate to have a partner in innovation and are excited about the future of startups in Missouri.”

Rachel Anderson
Director, efactory


The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) is a public-private partnership created by the Missouri General Assembly to promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies.

The Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity program (MOBEC) is a cornerstone of MTC’s investment strategy. Through the MOBEC program, MTC makes strategic investments that expand the support system for entrepreneurs that are commercializing new technologies or that enhance the capacity of Missouri to grow its innovation economy.

The Missouri Technology Corporation works closely with Missouri’s Department of Economic Development. Together the two entities focus on supporting entrepreneurs, innovation, and job creation throughout the state.