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Truck Hero joins efactory partner program

Truck Hero joins efactory partner program

Parent company to local small business success story joins the ranks of 15+ other efactory partner organizations.

UnderCover joins efactory partner program

We’re excited to announce that Truck Hero has joined the efactory’s partner program. They’re a market-leading manufacturer with a local presence after acquiring Rogersville-based UnderCover.

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About Truck Hero

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Truck Hero, Inc. is a fast-growing designer and manufacturer of accessories for pickup trucks.

The company was founded in 2007 and quickly became a leader in the truck accessories market. As a result of strategic acquisitions, the organization now has more than a dozen brands under the Truck Hero umbrella.

What’s the local connection? One of those acquired brands is UnderCover, a Rogersville-based manufacturer that joined the Truck Hero family in 2010.


UnderCover is the manufacturer of a revolutionary one-piece truck bed cover. Founded in 1999, they entered the truck bed cover market in 2001 with the “UnderCover Classic.”

The group went on to develop dozens of innovations. They introduced multiple finishes, state-of-the-art paint matching technology, created tri-fold covers, and more.

Acquired by Truck Hero

When you’re performing at the top of your class, you tend to draw attention. The same was true in UnderCover’s case.

In June of 2010 UnderCover, Inc. joined the Truck Hero family of brands. Today UnderCover continues to operate from Rogersville, Missouri and is part of the broader Truck Hero network and product line.

Let’s be partners

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