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Five startups selected for cohort 4 of efactory accelerator program

Say hello to cohort 4 of the efactory’s accelerator program

A mix of regional and out of state companies will be part of the fourth cohort of the efactory’s program.

We’re excited to welcome five companies to Cohort 4 of the efactory’s accelerator. It’s an ambitious group, setting out to tackle everything from eye care to attendance tracking.

This impressive cohort of founders have worked with the likes of Google, Twitter, Oracle, and more. Now, they’re taking their own businesses to the next level with some extra help from us.

Mark your calendars to be at Demo Day on August 12 at 10:00 a.m.

As part of the efactory’s accelerator program, each of the companies will receive:

  • $30,000 in exchange for eight percent equity
  • 3 months of curated programming & training
  • Access to lead mentors and industry experts
  • Introductions to follow-on funding
  • A Demo Day where they’ll share updates and next steps with community members, business leaders, and investors

Ready to see who’s here? Read on to learn about each of the companies in Cohort #4.


Collaboarator is a social media platform that allows music artists to write a music embedded post for everyone within a certain GPS distance to see, collaborate on, or buy. Listeners and collaborators can also find posts via a trending, following, or competition feed.

The Collaboarator team is made up of Seth Kitchen and Michael Costello. Kitchen will be relocating to Springfield from Rolla, Missouri for the program.

Connect with Collaboarator on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. is a software solution that enables dealers and merchants to sell personalized, configured, and customized products and services. With, products are in complete agreement. founder Tim Baynes is originally from Ohio and relocated to southwest Missouri several years ago.

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Fletch helps schools and teachers take attendance without anyone lifting a finger. Bluetooth technology and dedicated beacons capture attendees and create reports that integrate seamlessly with learning management systems.

Fletch founder Marquett Burton is joining the program from Ohio. Co-founder Aditya Halan is located in India.

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ModBox designs “smart” accessories for drones, and other modern technologies that save pilots and professionals time and eliminate daily hassle.

ModBox founders Justin Cardoza and Chelsea Cardoza are Springfield locals with extensive experience in the photography and videography space.

Optikal Care

Optikal Care is a subscription service that breaks up the cost of an eye exam, a year’s supply of contacts, contact care supplies and glasses into monthly payments; while delivering everything directly to your doorstep.

Optikal Care founders SueAnn Hollowell and Norman Stuart III are coming to Springfield from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Our accelerator

The efactory accelerator was launched in the fall of 2016 in order to provide initial investment and resources to early-stage startup companies.

The seed capital fund was made possible through generous support from the Missouri Technology Corporation, the Missouri State Foundation, Springfield Business Development Corporation, and RMI, Inc.

The Fund 4, LLC board is made up of dedicated volunteer leaders with extensive business experience. Board members include:

  • John Chastain
  • Steve Crowder
  • Craig Frazier
  • Jill Mowris
  • Zach Swartz