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Four challenges faced by Missouri exporters – And how to overcome them


Crossing borders

Nearly $2 trillion in goods and services were exported from the United States in 2017. Foreign companies have greater buying power than ever before, and when paired with the rise in global supply chains, exporting presents a lucrative opportunity for many U.S.-based companies.

But international trade isn’t easy. Exporters face a variety of challenges as they work to sell goods overseas.

Challenges for exporters

Exciting opportunities are typically accompanied by challenges. And exporting is no different. From leaving the port to cracking into a new market, trading goods across borders comes with challenges that business owners most address before, during, and after each transaction is made.

1. Identifying overseas customers

Many companies that don’t currently export goods or services claim they wouldn’t know which countries or markets to target. It takes work to identify the right market, understand the business climate, address language barriers, and more.

2. Understanding exchange rates

Exchange rates fluctuate daily – and a lack of understanding around exchange rates and currency can leave business owners vulnerable to major profit losses.

3. Building relationships with customs officials

Life is all about relationships, right? That includes exporting. It’s critical to develop solid relationships with all the parties involved – including customs officials, transportation specialists, brokers, and more.

4. Adhering to localization laws

The laws regarding packaging, labels, units per box, etc. will be different in each country. Business owners should leave no stone unturned when researching the packaging, marking, and language laws for imported products.

Learn more with us

Exporting comes with challenges, but business owners can overcome them with help from the experts.

Our exporting exports have designed a special series of training events focused on helping local businesses successfully export.

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