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Tips for Maintaining Workplace Safety in Winter Weather

Workplace safety in winter weather

Maintaining Workplace Safety in Winter Months

Winter weather can present challenges for business owners.

The beginning of a new year gives business owners a chance to reflect on the past, dream for the future, and plan for positive changes. Around here, it also tends to bring colder weather! Lower temperatures present new opportunities for things to go wrong at work – especially for crews regularly working outside.

It’s important for business owners to keep the health and safety of their employees top of mind. Check out our tips for maintaining a safe workplace in the winter months.

  1. Create a hazard inspection checklist and perform regular hazard inspections.
  2. Regularly review all written safety and health procedures.
  3. Inspect all equipment and tools to ensure they’re in good working order.
  4. Ensure that employees working outdoors have proper vests, hats, gloves, etc. for colder temperatures.
  5. Keep all walkways, stairways, and entry areas clear. Melting snow can present a slipping hazard.
  6. Provide employees who drive as part of their job with proper training and equipment to navigate hazardous winter weather.
  7. Prepare the office for potential power outages, including whether they happen during business hours or otherwise.

These tips will assist business owners in maintaining a high degree of workplace safety, even as temperatures drop and dangerous weather looms.

Business owners can also access resources from the Missouri Department of Labor and the state’s Safe at Work initiative. The Toolbox Talk series gives business owners and managers tips for guiding conversations about workplace safety issues, including cold stress.