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CoxHealth Innovation Accelerator

CoxHealth Partners with efactory for Fifth Annual Innovation Accelerator

Fifty CoxHealth employees from across the organization came together to reduce costs, improve care, and foster innovation from the inside.

Innovation From the Inside

Do you think minimally viable products, quick pivots, and a nimble attitude are only for startups? Think again.

Right here in our region, some of our largest employers are working hard to foster a culture of innovation and change. They’re sourcing ideas from the ground up and including every department and function. And they’re letting us be part of the action.

We love working alongside companies as they create a culture of continuous improvement. It’s been our privilege to partner with CoxHealth on five(!) Innovation Accelerators. We just wrapped up the 2020 event and had more fun than ever.

"It takes a special place to combine senior leadership, frontline staff, providers, clerical staff and members of nearly every department to get together, admit our faults and ask how we do better."
2020 Innovation Accelerator Participant

A Customized Approach

“This event has really grown into something we look forward to every year. It’s amazing to see what innovative ideas our employees bring forward, and then have the chance to develop. We’ve seen great success for the accelerator, as it allows employees’ ideas to grow into game-changers.”
Scott Rogers
CoxHealth’s system director for Performance Integration and Innovation

We’re proud to have worked with CoxHealth over the last five years to help tailor the event to meet their goals.

Each year employees throughout CoxHealth are encouraged to apply to be part of the event. 50 are chosen to participate, with a concerted effort to represent as many different departments and roles as possible.

Employees then come to the efactory to pitch their idea to their fellow employees. Participants form teams around the top ideas and have less than 24 hours to prepare a presentation to CoxHealth executives and board members. The projects are evaluated based on validity, alignment with CoxHealth’s mission, and impact.

The teams are assisted by a CoxHealth Resource Team to make sure all their bases are covered when it comes to legal and regulatory issues, technology integrations, finance, human resources, and more. They’re also assigned a business coach who helps them prepare for their final presentation.

From Ideation to Implementation

It’s not enough to host an event and hear employees’ ideas. CoxHealth is committed to evaluating and implementing as many ideas as possible from the annual innovation accelerator. Their actions speak for themselves.

To date, the CoxHealth Innovation Accelerator events have produced over 250 ideas. Over 40 project ideas have been pursued with a short-term implementation goal. Additionally, a number of ideas presented were deemed fit for immediate implementation and handed off to operations or made it to a ‘watch list’ for likely implementation in the short term.

Collectively, CoxHealth has invested more than $2 million in ideas born at the events. We’re proud to play a part in this huge economic impact for our region.

"It is unbelievable to be part of an organization that proactively works to improve, grow and invest in the ideas of its' employees."
- 2020 Innovation Accelerator Participant

Innovations in the News

Events like the annual Innovation Accelerator help define CoxHealth as a leader, not only in our community, but on a global level. The organization has been recognized at industry events, invited to present at conferences, and hosted visitors from other hospital systems who are interested in seeing the accelerator in action.

Both national and local publications have highlighted innovations born at the event.

Learn how Dr. Karissa Merritt has been working to fight food insecurity and chronic diseases through food prescriptions. Merritt was the team leader for the second-place team at this year’s Innovation Accelerator. The project proposes a mobile food pantry that will serve as a medical intervention for select patients. Currently, selected patients receive a voucher to receive food from various community resources, but redemption rates are often less than 20 percent.