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5 Tips for Creating Better Online Product Listings

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Are your listings driving the results you want?

When you’re looking for information about selling online, you’ll probably find a lot of tips on optimizing your product pages. You may find less information about improving your product listings. This can be detrimental to online sellers, because product listings play a huge role in your visitor’s experience and their subsequent conversion to a customer of your business.

To help increase your online sales, the experts here at the Missouri Small Business Development Center at Missouri State University have put together a quick list of tips for creating product listings that will drive business.

1. Use High-Quality Photos

While you may think this goes without saying, photo choices can be a real hurdle for business owners looking to sell online.

While you want to capture a buyer’s attention, your listing photo should also establish your credibility and build a sense of trust between you and your buyers.

Low-resolution photos won’t do this for you. In an online platform, consumers can’t touch or examine the product, so it’s your job to make sure they have an accurate representation of the product they are purchasing.

2. Get to the Point

Every element of your listing should serve a purpose. You want visitors to your site to become your customers – so it’s important not to waste their time with unnecessary information or confusing descriptions.

Conduct your product listings like the business your conduct in real life. Be professionals, to the point, and include all necessary information without overburdening the buyer.

3.  Describe Your Product

It’s important to write complete, well-crafted descriptions for your online products.

While some platforms may limit the space you have to describe a product, the listing description is a crucial sales element.

If you’re struggling with crafting descriptions that convert to sales, our upcoming ‘Creating Listings That Sell‘ training can help.

4. Think About Keywords

Online shoppers use keywords to find what they’re looking for. In a crowded online marketplace using the right keywords can help your product stand out.

Think about the keywords you use in your individual product names as well as your product descriptions.

5. Get Feedback

There’s nothing like customer feedback to help business owners make necessary adjustments.

Before going live, have a trusted advisor review the listings. Check for errors and think about ways in which descriptions could be improved or optimized for keywords. Our team of business consultants regularly review online marketplace listings to help business owners increase sales.

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Whether you’re just entering the world of online selling or have an established ecommerce presence, it’s important to stay current on best practices.

The online retail space changes quickly and our experts stay up to date with the best knowledge and tips. Be part of our upcoming Online Marketplace series to learn more about creating listings, choosing the right platforms, selling on your own website, and more.