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Local Entrepreneurs Create MyKee Key Finder

We really mean it when we say the efactory is a special place. It’s a place where dreamers, doers and innovators come every day to build their big ideas. And with so many smart, creative people in one building there’s bound to be exciting collaborations and partnerships.

Meet MyKee

The latest efam collaboration is MyKee, a GPS-based Bluetooth locator for anything you may frequently misplace. The locator can easily be attached to keys, luggage and other items.

After you’ve paired the MyKee with your phone the attached item’s location will automatically save if and when the MyKee token disconnects from your phone. That means the next time you’re unsure of an item’s whereabouts you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where it was when it was last connected to your phone.

You may have seen other Bluetooth trackers before, but it’s important to know they aren’t all created equal. The MyKee Bluetooth tracker has been put to the test against the best GPS systems on the market and has emerged as one of the most accurate key finders you can buy.

The awesome tracking isn’t the only differentiator.

Other finders ring once and stop. MyKee rings until you stop it.

Other finders ring at a lower volume. MyKee’s ringer is louder than most other finders.

Other finders only use audio to help you find your item. MyKee glows with a blue light to provide a visual aid rather than audio alone.

Bringing Entrepreneurs Together

Seth Kitchen
Marquett Burton
Scott Harned

MyKee was developed by Seth Kitchen and Marquett Burton, who met during Cohort 4 of the efactory accelerator program in the summer of 2019.

Kitchen is the founder of Collaboator, a platform designed to bring musicians together for virtual collaboration. Burton is the founder of Fletch, an ed-tech company that streamlines attendance tracking. Both Collaboarator and Fletch are efactory portfolio companies.

MyKee is live and available for purchase on as well as Amazon. When it came to getting the product added to and successfully launched on Amazon, MyKee worked with another another efactory member, Amazon expert Scott Harned with Buffalo Brands.