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efactory Announces Partnership with MainStreet

A New Partnership with MainStreet

We’re excited to add a new platform to our efactory member perks program – MainStreet!

MainStreet is a government incentives search engine that automatically claims tax credits, and advances interest-free cash, on behalf of startups. And now it’s easier than ever for efactory clients to access the tax credits designed for them.

MainStreet benefits

The US government annually earmarks $100B in tax credits, deductions, and refunds for startups and small businesses. Only 4% of this money is claimed. MainStreet empowers all founders to collect their share of economic benefits in less than 45 minutes.

The MainStreet Platform:

  • Contains over 50 federal and state credits.
  • Reduces discovery and claim time by 95%.
  • Lowers end-user costs by up to 50%.
  • Advances founders/operators interest-free cash in under a week.

Through the program, efactory client companies are eligible for a 25% discount.

MainStreet is on track to save startups $100M+ by year’s end and is advancing $10,000s in monthly non-dilutive, interest-free capital against eligible tax credits.

Additional perks

The MainStreet discount is one of several benefits available to efactory client companies. Companies are also eligible for savings from Google, Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, and more.