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Doug Harris with 3D&L Wins 2020 Pitch Contest

Innovative Plumbing Support Products Win $10,000 at 2020 Pitch Contest

Doug Harris, founder of 3D&L, won a $10,000 cash prize along with other in-kind awards at the efactory’s 2020 Pitch Contest, presented by RMI

Harris was one of five participating companies that took to the virtual stage in this year’s Pitch Contest during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Each company delivered a five minute presentation followed by brief Q&A with the judging panel.

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3D&L creates custom, 3D-printed plumbing support products that hold pipes in place while plumbers are working at a job site. The 3d-printed parts simplify the plumbers’ workflow when installing cross-linked polyethylene tubing for jobs such as bathrooms and water fountains. 

Right now the products are typically sold on a per-job basis, with local suppliers such as Harry Cooper Supply Co. purchasing larger quantities to stock the product.

The efactory’s 2020 Pitch Contest was presented by RMI, a recognized 504 Loan Program leader focused on improving the economic well-being of individuals, businesses and communities. The RMI team has earned a reputation for excellence by consistently meeting the high standards of the commercial lenders and borrowers they serve. RMI serves all of Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas, as well as parts of Illinois.

Supporting sponsors included Kutak Rock, the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Missouri Small Business Development Center at Missouri State University.