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efactory Announces Partnership with Deel

Simplify Hiring, Onboarding & Paying with Deel

We’re excited to add a new platform to our efactory member perks programDeel!

Deel makes it simple to hire and pay international employees and contractors. The company serves 1400+ customers, from SMBs to publicly traded companies like Reddit and TheRealReal.

Deel makes onboarding international team members in 150 different countries painless. Founders can quickly bring on contractors or hire employees in seconds with Deel as your employer of record (EOR). It’s one simple, powerful dashboard that houses everything you need. Finalize contracts, pay employees, and manage payroll data in one place seamlessly.

As part of our new partnership, efactory clients receive their first three months free and then 30% off services.

Additional Perks

The new Deel discount is one of several benefits available to efactory client companies. Companies are also eligible for savings from Google, Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, and more.