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City of Springfield Hosts Virtual Open House for Renew Jordan Creek

It's Time to Revitalize Jordan Creek!

It’s time to revitalize Jordan Creek in downtown Springfield – and the City of Springfield wants to hear your feedback!

What’s the story behind this project?

In the late 1990s, the Springfield community came together to form a collective vision for a community gathering place – Jordan Valley Park. This vision that was cast nearly 30 years ago still rings true today. So much so that in 2020, City Council identified the concept of Quality of Place as a priority for the community, and the Renew Jordan Creek project demonstrates this ideal.

This is a planning and design process that will focus heavily on public engagement through June 2021. Before the ultimate design for the project is determined, the community will be asked to share their thoughts and ideas for this important project to make sure it reflects local desires.

With the community vision cast by early summer 2021, then design for the project will begin. This phase of the project involves significant modifications to existing floodplain and floodway areas along Jordan Creek and may entail daylighting portions of Jordan Creek currently confined within the concrete box culverts (daylighting refers to the restoration of a stream back to a more natural state).

The Renew Jordan Creek project is only one part of a big picture planning effort and other large-scale improvements in the downtown area, largely focused on water quality improvement and flood reduction.

Get Involved

Citizens are encouraged to participate in a virtual open house to provide their feedback. Take a few minutes nowto learn more and share your thoughts about the future of Jordan Creek!