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Compatio Launches SmartBuilder eCommerce Solution

Making eCommerce Smarter

Compatio, founded to transform the way people shop for complex products online, is excited to announce the release of its SmartBuilder technology just in time for the 2021 Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC). SmartBuilder is designed to accommodate any type of consumer specialty product and is immediately deployable for certain categories of outdoor gear such as bicycling and fly fishing. Focused SmartBuilder applications targeted specifically for the cycling industry are also available out of the box, including Bike Builder, Drivetrain Builder and Bike Accessorizer.

The SmartBuilder tool includes a variety of features that cater to consumers’ needs when shopping online, and discovering and pairing complex outdoor equipment.

Retailers and DTC manufacturers, as well as consumers, are more satisfied with an eCommerce site that utilizes Compatio’s SmartBuilder technology,” said Tim Baynes, CEO and Founder of Compatio.

“SmartBuilder allows consumers to discover and build a technically valid and complete custom solution with products from the retailer’s catalogue. It gives the consumer confidence that they’re purchasing the correct products or parts for their outdoor equipment setup, while ensuring that retailers and manufacturers are satisfying their customers’ needs and minimizing the risk of incompatible products being returned.”

Compatio CEO & Founder Tim Baynes at efactory Demo Day, 2019

SmartBuilder can be integrated into any open eCommerce platform. Key features include:

SmartBuilder for the Bicycle Industry

Bicycle retailers that use Compatio’s SmartBuilder technology on their eCommerce website will be able to offer their online customers the personalized experience they’ve come to expect in-store. Similar to personalizing a car on an automaker’s website, SmartBuilder’s recommendations will help consumers discover how to set up their bike and configure it properly for who they are and how they ride. Customers receive expert recommendations at the point of sale, and achieve a deeper attachment to cycling since they’ll have a better understanding of how to extract best value from their investment.

About Compatio

Based in Springfield, Missouri, Compatio is building the world’s first Knowledge-Based Commerce platform, and the only digital commerce platform engineered specifically to sell complete solutions and not just products. Tim Baynes, Compatio’s Founder and CEO, is globally recognized for his expertise in product configuration, a.k.a. CPQ or configure-price-quote systems. He has designed, implemented and led project teams for these systems at Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Compatio is an efactory accelerator portfolio company and a private office client.