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Meet a Member: Scott Harned

Meet Scott Harned: CEO and Founder of Harvest

Scott Harned is Founder and CEO of Harvest, an Amazon Brand Builder agency that helps brands launch and grow on the Amazon platform using creative strategies, paid advertising, and proven analytics. Harvest features a host of services such as account management, optimization, photography, and advertising that help scale and grow your business on Amazon. 

Scott is a natural entrepreneur who began flipping and selling products out of his apartment during his time in college. Scott learned how to sell anything from shoes to electronics on the Amazon platform. Those experiences allowed him to learn what it takes to grow a brand and be successful in selling on Amazon. He slowly began to offer his services in and around the Springfield area, and it took off from there. In 2019, Scott was able to move from working full-time in ministry to focusing 100% of his efforts on growing his business, Harvest! Moving full time to building his company was a big leap, and Scott noted that it was only possible with his gracious wife by his side.

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What problem do you help people solve?

We help brands navigate the depths of the Amazon platform. We offer proven strategies to develop brands that customers trust!

What do you love most about what you do?

I love being able to create meaningful relationships with my clients and to create a positive client experience. What gets my juices flowing is when we are scaling a brand on Amazon that leads to creating an additional revenue source for that brand which, in turn, produces more jobs while having a greater impact through product reach!