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Habitat Joins efactory Partner Program

Meet Habitat

Habitat Communication and Culture helps businesses adapt, evolve, and thrive in today’s rapidly shifting business landscape. Habitat’s team is made up of varied perspectives and experience, providing a unique blend of specialized knowledge and real world expertise. Their philosophy is summarized in their mission to help organizations build better teams and help teams build better organizations.

Launched in 2020 and currently working with select clients, Habitat has quickly earned a reputation as a unique firm, capable of helping clients overcome a range of complex business problems. The team relies heavily on initial engagements involving strategic planning facilitation and data collection to uncover truths and make sense of organizational challenges. Then, using proven methods and frameworks, Habitat installs a variety of systems to create clarity, alignment, and focus throughout organizations.

In addition, Habitat has become a premier OKR (Objectives and key results) consultant, utilizing the popular goal setting framework to help their clients better define measurable goals and track their outcomes. Expanding beyond the region, Habitat has partnered with Lattice, a leading performance and engagement platform, as one of five preferred OKR partners.

Habitat was founded by Jarad Johnson and Spencer Harris, PhD. The pair also own and operate Mostly Serious, a leading digital agency and winner of the 2019 W. Curtis Strube Small Business Award from the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. To support growth demands and expand expertise, Habitat added Benjamin Thomas, PhD as Partner and Alex Greiwe as Client Champion. The firm is now accepting new clients in strategic planning facilitation, OKR goal setting system installation, and other specialized engagements.

Our Partner Program

Our corporate partner program is designed for organizations committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development in southwest Missouri. Partners receive valuable annual benefits along with their support of efactory programs and economic impact.

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