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The Winning Sales Strategy

It is a universal truth that very few products or services sell themselves! Nearly all sales in today’s world require some element of active outreach. How companies choose to conduct (and manage) this outreach varies greatly across industries, but at the end of the day every company has to effectively manage their sales in order to survive.

Many of the strategies historically used are failing today’s fast-growing companies. Learn more about the strategies traditionally used, why they’re failing today’s businesses, and the solution offered by interim and fractional sales leadership.

Strategy 1 – No Sales Leader

Leaving a sales team to its own devices is detrimental and will is widely agreed upon as a poor strategy for sales growth

Strategy 2 – Owner/Founder/CEO is also the Sales Manager

There are two reasons why this strategy fails companies looking to grow. The first is that founders typically have close to no sales experience, leaving them ill-equipped to lead their sales teams. And when a founder does have the right combination of sales management experience, the company will still suffer from the opportunity cost of a founder who is spread too thin and wearing too many hats.

Strategy 3 – A Sales Rep Doubles Up as a Manager

This person will forever struggle with competing priorities. Their attention will be split between closing their own opportunities as a sales rep and supporting the larger team as a manager.

Strategy 4 – Hire a Full-Time Sales Manager

Hiring a full-time sales manager presents a variety of challenges, especially for small firms. The first challenge is that a full-time sales leader with the right experience will cost any company a significant amount of money and other resources to recruit, hire and onboard. And for small teams with two or three sales reps, there are likely not enough sales management responsibilities to keep the manager fully occupied. 

The Winning Strategy – Contract a Fractional Sales Manager

Working with fractional or interim sales managers offers the best of both worlds to business owners who are looking to rapidly grow their sales efforts. By working with match-makers like Vendux, companies have access to a roster of experienced sales executives who they are unlikely to be able to effectively recruit and hire on their own. These sales leaders have the industry connections and experiences that today’s startups need to grow sales. The startups also benefit from the short-term nature of the fractional model, meaning the business pays only for the sales management they need and avoid the costly process associated with a full-time hire. 

A fractional sales leader has a clock ticking, so they don’t have a moment to waste. Their mission is clear from the moment they begin, and they bring a necessary urgency to the entire sales team.

Wouldn’t you like your CEO to be able to say:

“The fractional executive placement has now completely disrupted our executive team and culture in a very positive way. He leads the company’s revenue generation with speed, focus, and high intensity. He has all the sales and leadership skills necessary for our business, including the development of the right strategy and tactical execution. I have never been more impressed by a sales leader. He is the real deal.”

If you’re considering executive recruiting, sales training and/or hiring a sales consultant – instead take the alternative route and engage an outsourced, interim, or fractional sales executive with the exact right experience for your organization.

About Vendux Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

Vendux fills the void when sales leadership is missing. Within days Vendux places a vetted sales executive on an interim, fractional, or project basis into your team. 

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