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efactory Announces New Partnership with Zeet

A New Partnership with Zeet

The efactory’s member perks program has grown again! We’re excited to welcome Zeet to the list of providers who are offering exclusive discounts to efactory members.

Zeet is the easiest way to get your startup started. Their powerful tools make it possible for companies to scale to millions of users without breaking a sweat.

Startups can waste precious time and energy trying to cobble together dozens of complicated tools. With Zeet, companies experience a state-of-the-art, integrated DevOps setup built on industry-defining cloud technologies. The technology works with every framework and language, meaning teams never have to compromise on their favorite tech because of infrastructure requirements.

Zeet Savings

As part of the partnership, efactory client companies are eligible for a 50% discount off Zeet Pro for six months as well as dedicated expert DevOps consultation & support. For companies with existing Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform credits, the Zeet team will help founders get more value out of their credits!

Additional Discounts

The Zeet discount is one of several benefits available to efactory client companies. Companies are also eligible for savings from Oracle, HubSpot, and more.