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efactory Announces Partnership with ClearList

A New Partnership with ClearList

The new year is bringing new savings to the startups we work closely with! We’re excited to welcome ClearList to the list of providers offering exclusive savings to efactory client companies. 

ClearList helps startups transition from spreadsheet headaches to accurate and easy to manage cap tables. Startup founders receive white glove onboarding with the ClearList team, ensuring that cap tables align with stakeholder agreements. Companies also unlock access to scenario planning, ESOP management, customizable reporting, and more. Founders can say goodbye to time-intensive record keeping and know everything is managed accurately and securely in ClearList’s dashboard. The platform includes flexible access controls, compliancy measures, and is vertically integrated with ClearList’s other offerings.

As part of the partnership, efactory client companies receive exclusive discounted pricing that is scaled to match each company’s stage in development. 

Additional Discounts

The ClearList discount is one of several benefits available to efactory client companies. Companies are also eligible for savings from Oracle, HubSpot, and more.