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Local Amazon HR Leader Champions Education and Professional Development through efactory & Missouri SBDC at MSU Partnership

MSU Joins Amazon Career Choice Program

Missouri State University has a 100+ year history of equipping citizens with the skills and education needed to succeed in the workplace. Today we’re excited to celebrate a new opportunity to create pathways for career success, as Missouri State University is selected as a Career Choice partner for Amazon

Missouri State University’s status as a Career Choice partner extends the university’s high-quality offerings to Amazon associates around the world. Locally, the partnership creates a quality and close to home option for team members based at Amazon’s STL3 center in Republic, MO.

“When I was aware of the Career Choice initiative, Missouri State University immediately came to mind,” said Tim Baltes, Human Resources Manager at Amazon’s STL3 center in Republic, Missouri. “Being an alumnus, I knew first-hand the exemplary education the school provided! I am excited to have an incredible institution like Missouri State University as a Career Choice partner. It’s great to have a strategic partner located right here in STL3’s backyard who is committed to helping us offer valuable educational opportunities to Amazon associates. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue working with MSU and its programs as we advance our professional and workforce development initiatives.”

Tim Baltes
Human Resources Manager, Amazon STL3

Baltes Champions Educational Attainment

Baltes is a believer in professional development and lifelong learning and has a rich history with Missouri State University. He earned a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from MSU before going on to serve as a human resources leader for local organizations including SRC, Positronic Industries and Buckhorn. 

Baltes champions professional development and leadership training, and has been a long-standing partner to the efactory and Missouri SBDC at MSU’s professional development programs. Throughout his career, Baltes has trusted our programs to upskill employees, equip new supervisors and more. In addition, Baltes serves as an expert instructor for several of our most popular courses.

“We’ve had a long-standing partnership with Tim Baltes, both as a customer who has consistently trusted our programs to train employees and as one of our program’s expert facilitators,” said Chrystal Irons, Director of the Missouri SBDC at MSU. “We are excited to continue to work with him as MSU becomes part of Amazon’s Career Choice Program. His commitment to education and professional development for the organization’s employees is both exciting and inspiring.”

Certificate Programs & Professional Development

Today’s business environment changes on a daily basis. We are committed to equipping today’s workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve. Programs cover timely, real-world topics and are led by industry experts. Ongoing professional development training includes topics such as effective leadership, engaging and motivating teams, project management, and more. 

In addition to a robust training calendar, we offer certificate programs to further develop new leaders, rising stars, and refresh leadership skills. Certificate Programs include: Leadership & Management, Supervision & Talent, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Administrative Professional.

About Amazon Career Choice

Amazon is committed to creating paths to career success through education and learning new skills. Through the Career Choice program, Associates can choose to enroll in Foundations, Pathways, and College tracks to advance their skills. As part of the College track associates can start or continue earning college credit towards a degree from Missouri State University. Amazon pays 100% of tuition, books and fees with no lifetime limit.

Amazon has a rigorous selection process for Career Choice partner schools. The company takes a deliberative and selective approach to adding educational partners based on strict evaluation criteria and best value determination.