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ECRI Launches Wrench Party Podcast

ECRI Brings Listeners Along for the Ride with Wrench Party Podcast

For as large as the automotive industry is, the space has historically been under represented across podcast platforms.

The team at ECRI is excited to announce the launch of their Wrench Party podcast – designed to educate and entertain off-road vehicle lovers. The podcast is recorded and produced in Springfield, MO at the efactory. 

Listen to Wrench Party's First Episode

The first episode of Wrench Party features ECRI founder Kevin Wyas and champion off-road racer Derek West.

Wrench Party is available on the following podcast platforms:

Amazon | Spotify | TuneIn | Stitcher | Player FM | Deezer | Podchaser | Listen Notes | Pocket Casts

About ECRI

ECRI is a wireless vehicle programmer that allows users to update calibrations directly from their mobile phone. Their patent-pending technology empowers auto enthusiasts to program a potentially unlimited number of settings on vehicles wirelessly via the ECRI app, something no other programmer can do. Founder Kevin Wyas launched after nearly 20 years in the automotive industry and extensive experience with scanning tools and vehicle programming. 

ECRI is an efactory private office client and was also named the winner of the efactory’s 2019 Pitch Contest.