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Michael Bartlett Publishes ‘The Dark Side of CX’

The Dark Side of CX

An accomplished entrepreneur and author, Bartlett is excited to celebrate the release of his latest book, “The Dark Side of CX.” The title debuted at #1 in Amazon’s New Releases, Consumer Behavior category.

The book has been met with tremendous response from industry leaders, and Bartlett has shared his insights with many CX thought leaders. Find Bartlett featured as a recent and special guest on the following podcasts:

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The CX Goalkeeper – Ep. 62 with Michael Bartlett

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About "The Dark Side of CX"

Have you ever noticed how businesses all over the world seem to make the same customer experience mistakes over and over again? These mistakes are symptoms of the structures and mindsets present within most organizations.

In “The Dark Side of CX,” Michael Bartlett introduces a pattern language to explore the dark side of customer experience. Readers will learn the most common dark patterns, their root causes, and how to fix them.

Melding psychology, chess, evolutionary theory, and systems thinking, “The Dark Side of CX” breaks down the fascinating science behind bad customer experiences. Readers will understand why a knowledge of these patterns is essential when building, diagnosing and improving experiences within their own businesses.

About Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett is a serial founder and self-described philanthropreneur – an entrepreneur driven to make a difference in the world. He is a steadfast advocate for animal welfare and his training materials have raised thousands of dollars that have gone on to help animal rescues, shelters, and transport efforts.

Bartlett launched his first business, a record label, at age 16 before going on to found a SaaS learning platform and a film production company. Before moving into CX full-time, Bartlett worked as a consultant for Accenture and as a film director.

Michael Bartlett is the author of “CCXP Exam Preparation,” a pocket guide to the CCXP Exam, and the founder of Since 2017, Michael has helped over 1,000 students prepare for the certification. 

In addition to his charitable work, his passions include customer experience management, artificial intelligence, and chess. He resides in Missouri and frequently works from a private office at the efactory.