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Local Entrepreneur Launches Homeschool Hall to Connect Parents, Co-Ops and More

Homeschooling in the United States is booming. The pandemic is cited by many as sparking new interest among parents in homeschooling, and numbers of homeschooled students in the U.S. have nearly doubled in recent years, climbing to around six million students nationwide. 

While these numbers continue to grow, access to local homeschooling information can still be hard to come by. Many families have trouble finding nearby co-ops, meetup groups, sports, or clubs designed specifically for homeschoolers. Search engines and social media often make it difficult to find these groups, and many parents have trouble connecting with others or finding complete lists of groups in their area. 

With a market flooded with newcomers who need help, local entrepreneur Sam Nichols knew homeschoolers needed a dedicated space to easily find and connect with others in their area – so he built it!

Meet Homeschool Hall

Homeschool Hall is a space dedicated to connecting homeschoolers. The online platform makes it easy for families to find local homeschool-related businesses and activities. Members can easily find and create listings for:

– co-ops, hybrids and communities
– sports teams
– curriculum stores
– homeschool tutors
– clubs and music programs
– and more!

These listings make Homeschool Hall a one-stop-shop where families can easily find the information they need for a successful homeschool experience. The directory also makes it easy for homeschool groups and businesses to be discovered by parents. These organizations have traditionally relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth marketing, and Homeschool Hall gives them an opportunity to showcase what they do and get in front of families.

The platform will grow to include even more features in coming months, including a homeschool events calendar; education tracking and lesson planning for parents; homeschool co-op and community management, and other great features to further serve the homeschool community.

About the Team

Homeschool Hall is built with love in Springfield, Missouri by Sam Nichols. Nichols is a successful entrepreneur with a background in digital product development who believes the homeschool community has been underserved by technology. He is excited to help families use Homeschool Hall to connect with other homeschoolers and enrich the journey of educating their children. Nichols is a private office member at the efactory.

Additional support for Homeschool Hall comes from Gretchen Peters, Founder of Pearls of Wisdom Academy, Steve Koenig, PhD, Owner of Koenig ACR Group, and Gabe Lumby, CPA, Owner of Lumby & Associates.