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Patent Hacks Announces New Partnership with efactory

A New Partnership with Patent Hacks

The efactory’s member perks program has grown again! We’re excited to welcome Patent Hacks to the list of providers who are offering exclusive discounts to efactory members.

Patent Hacks is a patent education company that teaches entrepreneurs how to validate, prepare, & file their own patent applications with Patent Hacks’ Learning Center platform. The Patent Hacks team is made up of executives who have worked in the patent industry as USPTO patent examiners, and they bring a unique skill set and understanding of the patenting process. The founders have experienced the patent industry from both ends of the spectrum, as inventors as well as patent professionals. These unique experiences led to the creation of Patent Hacks, born out of a desire to create a cost-effective, simplified, and comprehensive platform to make it possible for anyone to pursue a patent without breaking the bank.

As part of the partnership, efactory members gain free lifetime access to Patent Hacks’ Learning Center Searching content. This content is developed by patent experts and covers important topics like Understanding a Patent Examiner’s Approach, Search Strategies, Databases, and more. 

Additional Perks

The Patent Hacks offer is one of several offers available to efactory members. Members are also eligible for savings from Oracle, HubSpot, and more.