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Consider This Life Announces Multi-State Partnership, Reaches 10,000 Users for Trial Period

Consider This Life (CTL) is a game specifically designed to help currently incarcerated individuals prepare for a successful life beyond prison by placing the character in complex educational, socioeconomic, and financial situations. The game is excited to announce a a special 30-day trial with state prison systems in Arizona and Connecticut that will deploy CTL to more than 10,000 incarcerated individuals across the two states.

Consider This Life allows incarcerated individuals to plan and simulate their re-entry to society, creating an engaging way for them to prepare for challenges and create plans for success. These simulations are designed to encourage incarcerated individuals to take advantage of the resources available to them while incarcerated, ultimately reducing our nation’s recidivism rate. Statistically players with savings, higher education, completed drug recovery programs and support systems have a higher probability of successfully re-entering society.

The game was developed after Cornerstone Consulting Services hired Springfield-based MiddleCoast Media to structure, design and develop CTL. Once completed, the company entered into a partnership with Viapath Technologies, a company that provides tablet-based media to prisons and jails across the nation. Nationwide sales of the game will open to other prisons and jails at the conclusion of the 30-day trial with systems in Arizona and Connecticut.   

Consider This Life was designed and built from efactory coworking before team members launched what is now known as MiddleCoast Solutions, an efactory private office and accelerator portfolio company.