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StepNpull produces new cabinet opener for cooks (and germaphobes)

A former efactory incubator client who went viral with their hands-free door opener – the contraption that lets you open the bathroom door with your toe rather than your freshly washed hands – announces the release of another convenient invention: the ToeIn.

We at the efactory have watched the innovative team at StepNpull closely since they moved into the efactory right after we opened our doors. Now, we continue to cheer them on!

For anyone who’s ever juggled too many tasks in the kitchen, the ToeIn is a fun solution that’s now on the market. Users can install the ToeIn discreetly on the inside of a lower cabinet door. Then, when your hands are full, you can use the ToeIn to ease the door open to access what’s inside. Easy peasy.

In 2021, the team won big on Shark Tank by showing off their genius invention.


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Since then, they’ve leveraged that success and ventured into opening other types of doors. 😊

But seriously, they’re very into reimagining daily tasks or inconveniences and making them simpler.

About StepNpull and creators of ToeIn

StepNpull is the creator, designer and manufacturer of the world’s leading hands-free foot door opener. The company’s patented, ADA-compliant foot-operated device mounts on any commercial latch-less wood or metal door, giving users the option of pulling the door open with their foot instead of the door handle.

StepNpull was founded in 2007 by Mike Sewell, Ron Ely and Kelly Coddington, who previously worked together in the telecommunications industry. The company is headquarterd in Fair Grove, Missouri, and has manufacturing facilities and distribution partnerships around the world through parent company KRM Innovations, Inc.


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