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Assessing bookkeeping needs of small businesses

The best way to learn is often to get in there and do the work. That’s why hands-on or experiential learning is such a sought-after experience for students as they prepare to graduate.

Each year our center works closely with business clients and Missouri State University classes on course projects. These semester-long projects allow a group of students to take a deep dive into a particular area of need identified by the business client.

And now, the students need your help.

About this project

We are entrepreneurship students at Missouri State University working on a class project to better understand the bookkeeping needs of small businesses in the Springfield Metro area.

We want to gather your thoughts about your current and future bookkeeping needs, and your answers will help inform our class project.

Please know your answers will remain anonymous, and we expect our survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your answers.