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Innovation accelerators showcase new ideas

Break down barriers to reach common goals in innovative ways.

What if you never said, “that’s how it’s always been done” again?

Could organizations begin looking for the best way to do something rather than automatically completing a task?

What if we considered automation and technology more in our strategy and processes?

That’s the mindset CoxHealth has built into their culture. Operating in this innovation-forward landscape, they’ve seen major change: Problems get solved. Processes become more efficient. Morale is boosted.

And we at efactory are proud to play a part.

Starting in 2015, CoxHealth partnered with efactory to host an annual Innovation Accelerator (at least until the pandemic slowed everything down again).

“It’s amazing to see what innovative ideas our employees bring forward, and then have the chance to develop. We’ve seen great success for the accelerator, and it has allowed employees’ ideas to grow into game-changers.”

What is it?

Innovation accelerators can be structured in many ways at efactory, depending on the organization’s goals.

What’s key is that you break down barriers between the C-suite administration and those in more hands-on roles in the organization. They all must be on equal footing and believe their ideas and thoughts will be considered.

Throughout the innovation accelerator, individuals pitch ideas, gather feedback, vote and come up with the top ideas to more fully formulate. Then, in a “Shark Tank” style event, decision makers are presented with the best of the best.

It’s about opening up possibilities, discovering new leaders, approaching problems differently and meeting goals.

Innovation accelerators are the way forward for companies to identify more efficient ways to conduct business and meet needs.