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Congratulations to Brad Davidson

Staff and student showcases excellence at recent conference.

At efactory, our philosophy and business model includes lifelong learning, trying new experiences, opening up new pathways and building competencies. And we’re excited that we see it all around us.

It’s demonstrated in our hallways, coworking spaces and conference rooms. This dedication is evident in the support we provide to programs and the individuals we work alongside.

It’s in the team we have created.

In a recent U.S. Information Technology Collegiate Conference (USITCC) competition, the Association for Business Information Technology Students (A-BITS) team represented Missouri State University’s department of information technology and cybersecurity well through extraordinary placement in a challenging environment.

And one of the outstanding students is one of our team, Brad Davidson.

As a full-time staff member in Community and Global Partnerships, Brad serves the division in many networking and technological needs – all while pursuing this advanced degree.

At the competition, he received:

  • 1st Place for PC Troubleshooting.
  • 2nd Place for Network Design.
  • Honorable Mention for Microsoft Office Solutions.

Congratulations, Brad and thank you for all you do for our team!