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ARTcap offers loans for creative entrepreneurs

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When you’re creating something new, you’ve got to have capital. And loans often come with major restrictions and qualifying criteria.

But AltCap has changed that with its microlending program called ARTcap Express. ARTcap Express is lending up to $10,000 in startup financing to creative entrepreneurs in Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

One of the most easily recognizable places where creatives begin making money is Etsy, an online global marketplace. So, it only makes sense that they partially fund ARTcap Express.

Creatives can use the loans for:

  • Working capital.
  • Equipment.
  • Materials.
  • Startup costs.
  • And more.

Another win? ARTcap Express has streamlined the loan application process and terms to make it more accessible.

About ARTcap

ARTcap was created in 2016 to provide small business loans that fuel the passion of visual artists, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, makers and creatives from every discipline. Artists may still apply for financing over $10,000 by contacting an AltCap Business Development Officer at

AltCap received a $500,000 grant to create ARTcap Express from the Etsy Uplift Fund, which supports nonprofits working to dismantle barriers to entrepreneurship.