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Associated Electric Cooperative joins efactory partner program

Learn how AECI helps the community.

It’s not an a-ha moment for us – we’ve always known that Associated Electric Cooperative is a great corporate partner to align with efactory.

That’s because our values are in step. We both appreciate hard work and big ideas. We both bring access to resources to those who might otherwise be left behind. And we both know that we can accomplish more when we partner with like-missioned organizations.

Their origin story begins with the electrification of America and bringing light to primarily agricultural areas. Over the past 62 years, Associated’s mission has expanded and evolved, and they continue to be a leader in the region.

About AECI 

Since its formation in 1961 by six generation and transmission cooperatives, Associated Electric Cooperative has grown under the leadership of its member-directed board and management. 

Today, Associated Electric has a strong financial position, diverse power supply, integrated transmission system and is positioned as one of the lowest-cost generation and transmission cooperatives in the nation. 

The cooperative is committed to embracing technology and innovation in order to continue effectively serving members. 


About the Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed for organizations committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development in southwest Missouri. Partners receive valuable annual benefits along with their support of efactory programs and economic impact.

Contact us today to learn more about what it means to be an efactory partner.