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Building a safe space for independent living

Hearo gives people with disabilities more freedom.

Peace of mind is hard to find for caretakers of people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many of the solutions reduce a loved one’s feelings of freedom and independence.

Not Hearo.

Hearo is a remote support system designed to specifically reduce the need for full-time in-person supervision. It integrates security, reminders, notifications and environmental controls into a single hub.

In a difficult staffing market, Hearo is also key to keeping limited home health staff where they are needed most.

Customizing the solution

Hearo, which began at efactory, has been adopted by many care provider companies in Missouri, noted Hearo Co-Founder Myke Bates.

“Instead of outsourcing remote monitoring or building their own technology ecosystem, care provider companies using Hearo instantly gain the ability to structure remote service programs unique to their needs and the individuals they serve,” Bates said.

The company has experienced tremendous growth and continues to build customizable solutions that keep individuals connected to their support staff and family.

HEARO's trailer prepared for a demonstration at efactory.

See it in action

Now you can experience the way it works through the Hearo Demo Trailer. It provides a real-world simulation of the platform in a miniaturized and mobile setting.

“Being able to see, feel and interact with the technology in-person really helps to connect the dots of how it can work for anyone’s living situation,” Bates said.

“For the Hearo team, the best part is getting to witness the ‘Aha!’ moments when guests start to create their own scenarios of how they can utilize the platform for various needs.”


How it works

The Hearo system integrates easily into an individual’s existing program and can be tailored to address the unique needs of their residence.

  • Flexible medication reminders
  • Realtime audio and video calls
  • Emergency buttons
  • Smart light notifications
  • Smoke alarm integration
  • Environmental settings
  • Sensors for motion, doors, windows, bed, cabinets and appliances
  • Mobile app for accessing calling circle and reminders from anywhere

“We are enhancing each individual’s needs and right for independence,” Bates said.

“We know that each individual has unique needs, and we love to be a part of their growing independence in a way that works best for them.”