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New location offers expanded space for remote workers and entrepreneurs

efactory’s space in Brick City offers semi-private options.

In recent years, traditional office jobs have changed. Some changes can be traced to improved technology and a globalized economy. While other changes came as COVID-19 forced companies to accommodate remote work.

During this evolution, the demand for coworking space spiked at Missouri State University’s efactory, and a second space in the Plaster Free Enterprise Center was dedicated as coworking space.

At efactory’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, efactory announced the opening of a third coworking space at Brick City building 3. These semi-private offices, called Coworking @ Brick, located on the third floor of Brick City 3, are now available for remote workers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Coworking space is phenomenal for building synergy, sharing resources, networking and brainstorming,” said Rachel Anderson, executive director of efactory.  

The space in Brick City is directly across the street from the Plaster Free Enterprise Center, allowing tenants easy access to all the same amenities and resources available there.

Introducing Coworking at Brick. Brick City 3, Level 3. 305 W. Mill St.

Expanding services

When efactory opened in 2013, it was a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs. Beyond that, efactory grew to encompass more programming for businesses and employers in the area, no matter where they are in the lifecycle.

“The support services we offer to startups and growing businesses continues to add value to our members and the region,” Anderson said. “We keep track of the pulse of the business economy so we can anticipate needs and make necessary moves quickly. This agility lets us help more people fulfill their potential.”