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Purpose Connect launches new cultural competency program

Member company launches Ultimate Team Party.

Purpose Connect, a no-resume hiring software company in Springfield, Missouri (located at efactory), is furthering its mission by equipping employers and their workforce with the tools needed to foster a culturally safe workplace while helping to diversify the southwest Missouri workforce.

The tech startup launched in 2021 with a mission to make hiring more human. Purpose Connect helps to reduce the job application overwhelm for employers and job seekers by matching diverse talents to jobs using a points-based qualifying system.

Their CEO and Founder Dami Odunewu says, “Beyond qualifying and matching diverse talents to employers, our big vision is a transformed workforce.”

The startup is intentional about equipping the southwest Missouri workforce with the necessary tools for fostering and thriving in a diverse environment while welcoming new coworkers from diverse origins into our community.

Through an 8-hour program, Purpose Connect provides “The Ultimate Team Party,” an expansive cultural competency training to individuals, teams, and organizations.

This program is led by Dami Odunewu, Krista Peryer, Cindy Mergen, Vanessa BussieJustyn Pippins and features real-world examples and actionable resources through role-plays, tours and engaging research on different cultures.